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C H A P T E R 111—RIOTS, R O U T S A N D U N L A W F U L Sec. 2281. 2282. 2283. 2284. 2285.


Definitions P u n i s h m e n t for participation in riot, r o u t or unlawful assembly Remaining a t place of riot, rout or unlawful assembly Officials neglecting to disperse unlawful or riotous assembly Refusal to disperse upon lawful command

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C H A P T E R 113—ROADS, B R I D G E S, F E R R I E S, P I E R S A N D D O C K S Sec. 2321. 2322. 2323. 2324. 2325.

Throwing injurious substances on highways Removal of, or injuries to, highway guideposts Removal of, or injury to, bridge, viaduct, culvert, pier or dock Charging toll without lawful authority Failure to keep and a t t e n d ferry CHAPTER


Sec. 2361. Definition of, and punishment for, robbery 2362. Fear as element in robbery CHAPTER

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Sec. 2391. Seduction under promise of marriage 2392. Intermarriage as bar to prosecution CHAPTER Sec. 2421. 2422. 2423. 2424.

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Mutilation or removal of human remains Removal of human remains for sale or dissection Defacing or injuring tombs, monuments, or cemetery property I n term e n t or disposal of human remains outside cemetery

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C H A P T E R 121—SODOMY A N D B E S T I A L I T Y Sec. 2451. Sodomy 2452. Bestiality 2453. Penetration sufficient


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C H A P T E R 123—STOLEN PROPERTY Sec. 2481. Buying or receiving stolen goods; presumptive evidence CHAPTER


Sec. 2511. Aiding or encouraging suicide CHAPTER





Sec. 2541. Miscellaneous acts constituting vagrancy


C H A P T E R 129—WEAPONS; H U N T I N G Sec. 2571. 2572. 2573. 2574. 2575.

General prohibition regarding arms .--Nonapplicability of section 2571 to certain persons Permits to keep and carry arms Penalties for violation Disposition of arms possessed by persons convicted of crime CHAPTER 131—WEIGHTS AND

Sec. 2601. False weight or measure defined 2602. Offenses and penalties

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MEASURES 496 496