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-596desiguated time and place, to be examined concerning their property and its value. At the same time, the court shall cause a notice to be issued to the executor or administrator requiring his appearance on the return of the citation. On its return the court may examine the sureties and such witnesses as may be produced, concerning the property of the sureties and its value; and if, upon the examination, it is satisfied that the bond is insufficient, it shall require sufficient additional security. § 1376. Insufficiency of sureties or bond; additional security A person interested in an estate may, by verified petition, represent to the court that the sureties of the executor or administrator thereof have become, or are becoming, insolvent, or that they have removed, or are about to remove, from the Canal Zone, or that from any other cause the bond is insufficient, and ask that further security be required; or if it comes to the knowledge of the court that the bond IS, from any cause, insufficient, the court may, of its own motion, without an application, require further security. § 1377. Inquiry as to sufficiency; citation; hearing; order If the court is satisfied from a petition filed pursuant to section 1376 of this title, or from its own information, that the question of sufficiency of the sureties or bond of an executor or administrator requires investigation, it shall cause a citation to be issued to the executor or administrator requiring him to appear, at a time and place to be therein specified, to show cause why he should not give further security. The citation shall be served personally on the executor or administrator, at least five days before the return day. If he has absconded, or can not be found, it may be served by leaving a copy of it at his place of residence, or by such publication as the court orders. On the return of the citation, or at such other time as the court appoints, it shall proceed to hear the proofs and allegations of the parties. If it satisfactorily appears that the security is, from any cause, insufficient, the court shall make an order requiring the executor or administrator to give further security, or to file a new bond in the usual form within a reasonable time, not less than five days. § 1378. Failure to comply with order for additional or sufficient security If sufficient or additional security is not given within the time fixed by the court's order pursuant to section 1377 of this title, the right of the executor or administrator to the administration shall cease, and the person next entitled to the administration on the estate, who will execute a sufficient bond, shall be appointed to the administration. If letters have already been issued to the executor or administrator, they shall be revoked, and his authority shall thereupon cease. § 1379. Suspension of powers pending hearing When a petition is presented praying that an executor or administrator be required to give further securityj or to give bond, where, by the terms of the will, a bond was not originally required, and it is alleged, on oath, that the executor or administrator is wasting the property of the estate, the court, by order, may suspend his powers until the matter can be heard and determined. § 1380. Application for release of surety; citation; service When a surety of an executor or an administrator desires to be released from responsibility on account of future acts, he may make application to the court for relief. The court shall cite the executor or administrator to appear at a designated time and place and give other security. The citation shall be served personally, or, if the