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-661(b) Upon the resignation or removal of a guardian, the court may appoint another in his place, after notice and hearing as in the case of an original appointment. § 3164. Revocation of letters for contempt Wlien a guardian is committed for contempt in disobeying a lawful order of the court, and has remained in custody for 30 days without obeying the order, or purging himself otherwise of the contempt, the court may, by order reciting the facts, and without further showing or notice, revoke his letters and appoint another person entitled thereto to succeed him. CHAPTER 141—TERMINATION OF GUARDIANSHIP Bee.

3201. 3202. 3203. 3204.

Termination by marriage, majority, or court order. Survivorship of Joint guardians. Release by ward. Discharge after majority.

§ 3201. Termination by marriage, majority, or court order (a) If the appointment of a guardian was made solely because of the ward's minority, the marriage of a minor ward terminates the guardianship of the person; and the guardianship of the estate of a minor ward is termmated upon his attaining majority as proAdded by section 31 of Title 4, (b) If the appointment of a guardian was made solely because of the ward's minority, the guardianship is terminated by his obtaining majority. (c) I n all other cases the guardianship is terminated only by order of the court upon application of the guardian or the ward, after such notice to the other as the court requires, or by restoration of the ward to capacity pursuant to chapter 127 of this title. § 3202. Survivorship of joint guardians On the death of one joint guardian, the power continues to the survivor or survivors until a further appointment is made by the court. § 3203. Release by ward After a ward has reached his majority, he may settle accounts with his guardian and give him a release, which is valid if obtained fairly and without undue influence. § 3204. Discharge after majority Except as otherwise provided by this Part, a guardian appointed by a court is not entitled to his discharge until one year after the ward's majority. CHAPTER 143—NOTICES AND PROCEDURE Sec 3241. 3242. 3243. 3244. 3245.

Requests for special notice. United States as party; notice; actions on bonds; exceptions to accounts. Order appointing guardians; entry and filing. Procedure generally. Guardians ad litem.

§ 3241. Requests for special notice (a) At any time after the issuance of letters of guardianship upon the estate of a minor or incompetent person, a relative of the ward, or the attorney for a relative, may serve upon the guardian, or upon the guardian's attorney, and file with the clerk of the court wherein administration of the ward's estate is pending, a written request, stating his post-office address and stating that he desires special notice of any or all of the following matters, steps, or proceedings in the administration of the estate: