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[77 STAT. 139]
[77 STAT. 139]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963

77 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 88-111-SEPT. 3, 1963


a copy of the process, notice, or demand are forwarded by registered mail or certified mail addressed to such corporation at the address given in such affidavit. " (d) The Commissioners shall keep a record of all processes, notices, and demands served upon them under this section, and shall record therein the time of such service and their action with reference thereto. " (e) Nothing herein contained shall limit or affect the right to serA'^e any process, notice, or demand re<juired or permitted by law to be served upon a foreign corporation m any other manner now or hereafter permitted by law." (9) Subsection (b) of section 121 of such Act is amended (1) by D. c. code striking out the period at the end thereof and inserting in lieu thereof 29-936. a semicolon, and (2) by adding at the end thereof the following: " (20) filing by a registered agent of corporations of a statement of change of address of such registered agent, $5, plus $1 for each corporation, domestic or foreign, listed in such statement; and "(21) furnishing a certificate as to the status of a corporation, domestic or foreign, or as to the existence or nonexistence of facts relating to corporations, domestic or foreign, such fee as they may, from time to time, determine to be reasonable." (10) Section 127 of such Act is amended to read as follows: D. C. Code 29-938d-



"SEC, 127. (a) A corporation, the articles of incorporation or certificate of authority of which have been revoked by proclamation, may at any time after the date of the issuance of the proclamation of revocation deliver to the Commissioners a petition for reinstatement, in duplicate, accompanied by the delinquent annual report or reports, or payment of delinquent annual report fee or fees in full, or both, as the case may be, plus interest thereon as provided by this Act, together with any penalties imposed by this Act. " (b) I f the petition for reinstatement of a proclaimed corporation is delivered to the Commissioners after the perio^jfor reservation of the name has expired and if they find that the name is not available for corporate use pursuant to the provisions of thiSjAct, then, in addition to complying with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the proclaimed corporation shall set forth in its petition for reinstatement its name at the time of issuance of the proclamation of revocation and its new name, which shall be a name available for corporate use pursuant to the provisions of this Act. "(c) If the Commissioners find that all such documents confonn to law, and that the period for reservation of the name has not expired, or if such period has expired, that the name is available for corporate use pursuant to the provisions of this Act, they shall, when all fees, charges, interest, and penalties have been paid as in this Act prescribed— "(1) endorse on each of such duplicate originals and any such annual report or reports the word 'Filed' and the month, day, and year of the filing thereof; "(2) file one of such duplicate originals and any such annual report or reports in their office; "(3) issue a certificate of reinstatement to which they shall affix the other duplicate original; "(4) deliver such certificate of reinstatement and other duplicate original to the corporation or its representative. " (d) Upon the issuance of the certificate of reinstatement, the revocation proceedings theretofore taken as to such corporation by proclamation shall be deemed to be annulled, and such corporation