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[77 STAT. 405]
[77 STAT. 405]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963

77 STAT.]

PUBLIC LAW 88-210-DEC.18, 1963



SEC. 4. {-A) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b), a State's allotment under section 3 may be used, in accordance with its approved State plan, for any or all of the following purposes: (1) Vocational education for persons attending high school; (2) Vocational education for persons who have completed or left high school and who are available for full-time study in preparation for entering the labor market; (3) Vocational education for persons (other than persons who are receiving training allowances under the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962 (Public Law 87-415), the Area 76 Stat. 23. Redevelopment Act (Public Law 87-27), or the Trade Expansion ^^^l use 2571 Act of 1962 (Public Law 87-794)) who have already entered the ""ys'Stat. 47. labor market and who need training or retraining to achieve sta- ^2 USC 2501 bility or advancement in employment; "°76'Stat. 872 (4) Vocational education for persons who have academic, socio- 19 USC' isoi economic, or other handicaps that prevent them from succeeding "°*^' in the regular vocational education program; (5) Construction of area vocational education school facilities; (6) Ancillary services and activities to assure quality in all vocational education programs, such as teacher training and supervision, program evaluation, special demonstration and experimental programs, development of instructional materials, and State administration and leadership, including periodic evaluation of State and local vocational education programs and services in light of information regarding current and projected manpower needs and job opportunities. (b) A t least 33I/3 per centum of each State's allotment for any fiscal year ending prior to July 1, 1968, and at least 25 per centum of each State's allotment for any subsequent fiscal year shall be used only for the purposes set forth in paragraph (2) or (5), or both, of subsection (a), and at least 3 per centum of each State's allotment shall be used only for the purposes set forth in paragraph (6) of subsection (a), except that the Commissioner may, upon request of a State, permit such State to use a smaller percentage of its allotment for any year for the purposes specified above if he determines that such smaller percentage will adequately meet such purposes in such State. (c) Ten per centum of the sums appropriated pursuant to section 2 for each fiscal year shall be used by the Commissioner to make grants to colleges and universities, and other public or nonprofit private agencies and institutions, to State boards, and with the approval of the appropriate State board, to local educational agencies, to pay part of the cost of research and training programs and of experimental, developmental, or pilot programs d!eveloped by such institutions, boards, or agencies, and designed to meet, the special vocational education needs of youths, particularly youths in economically depressed communities who have academic, socioeconomic, or other handicaps that prevent them from succeeding in the regular vocational education programs. STATE P L A N S

SEC. 5. (a) A State which desires to receive its allotments of Federal funds under this part shall submit through its State board to the Commissioner a State plan, in such detail as the Commissioner deems necessary, which— (1) designates the State board as the sole agency for administration of the State plan, or for supervision of the administration thereof by local educational agencies; and, if such State board