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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 2. - WOOD AND PAPER; PRINTED MATTER Part 2, - Cork and Cork Products; Bamboo, Rattan, Willow and Chip; Basketwork, Wickerwork, and Related Products of Fibrous Vegetable Substances Rates of IXity Item




Subpart B. - Bamboo, Rattan, Willow, and Chip; Basketwork, Wickerwork, and Related Products of Fibrous Vegetable Substances Subpart B headnotes: 1.

This subpart does not cover — (1) webs, wadding, batting, and nonwoven fabrics, and articles thereof (see part 4 C of schedule 3); (II) floor covering underlays (see part 5A of schedule 3); ( H i) braids suitable for making or ornamenting headwear (see part 18 of schedule 7); (iv) luggage, handbags, and flat goods (see part ID of schedule 7)j (v) furniture (see part 4A of schedule 7); or (vi) fishing baskets or creels (see part 5B of schedule 7).


For the purposes of the tariff schedules — (a) the unaualified term "rattan" means rattan. whether whole or split, and reeds, cane (peel). strips and similar products derived therefrom; (b) the term "willow" means the flexible slender twigs or withes of the osier or willow. whether or not split; and (c) the term "chip" means flat, narrow, flexible strips of wood which are under 1/16 inch In thickness and can be woven, braided, or plaited into a definite shape or form; and Id) the term "unsoun fibrous vegetable materials" means bamboo, rattan, willow, chip, straw. palm leaf, grass, seagrass, and similar fibrous vegetable substances, which have not been spun. 3. For the purposes of this subpart, materials other than unspun fibrous vegetable materials shall be disregarded in determining the component material of chief value in any article if their primary function in the article is to bind, tie, or otherwise hold unspun fibrous vegetable materials together, or to support or reinforce such materials.

Bamboo or rattan sticks, in the rough, or cut into lengths suitable for sticks for umbrellas, parasols. sunshades, whips, fishing rods, or walking canes



Rattan (except whole rattan) and webbing made therefrom

8.5^ ad val.

205!^ ad val.

0.6250 per lb.

1.250 per lb.

222.20 222.25

17.5^ ad val. 3% ad val.

3 5 ^ ad val. 10% ad val.




2 8 % ad val. 255^ ad val. 8.55^ ad val. 1 0 ^ ad val.

k% 25S^ 25% 25%



222.15 Willow:

222.30 222.32 222.3't 222.36

Woven or partly assembled material of unspun fibrous vegetable materials, suitable for use in making blinds, shutters, curtains, screens or shades: Of one or more of the materials bamboo, rattan. ad ad ad ad

val. val. val. val.