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SCHEDULE 3. - TEXTILE FIBERS AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS Part 1. - Textile Fibers and Wastes; Yarns and Threads

123 Rates of Duty

(cl a dealer, manufacturer, or processor may be relieved of liability under his bond with respect to any wool or hair entered under item 306.00 which Is transferred In its Imported or any other form to another dealer, manufacturer, or processor who has filed a bond to insure that the merchandise so transferred shall be used only In the manufacture of the articles enumerated In item 306.00; and (d) the Secretary of the Treasury Is authorized to prescribe such regulations and the amounts, conditions, and forms of such bonds as may be necessary to carry Into effect the provisions of Item 306.00. 5. For the purposes of Items 306.01, 306.02, 306.03, and 306.04, when wool or hair entered as provided for in item 306.00 is used, or transferred for use, otherwise than in the manufacture of the articles enumerated therein — (a) the duties shalI be paid by the dealer, manufacturer, or processor whose bond is charged with the wool or hair at the. time of such use or transfer for such use, but such duties shall not be levied or collected on any merchandise which Is destroyed or exported; (b) if prior to such use or transfer for such use there shall have been combined or mixed with such wool or hair any other merchandise, the whole of the combination or mixture shall be regarded as being composed of wool or hair entered under Item 306.00, unless the dealer, manufacturer, or processor liable for the payment of the duties shall establish the quantity of bonded wool or hair in such combination or mixture; (c> every dealer, manufacturer, or processor who has given a bond pursuant to the provisions of item 306.00 shall report any transfer or use of merchandise contrary,to the.terms of his bond, within 50 days after such transfer or use, to the collector of customs in whose district the bond is filed, and for failure to so report such dealer, manufacturer, or processor shall be liable to a penalty (in addition to the duties provided for) equal to the value of the merchandise so transferred or used at the time and place of such transfer or use; and (d) the clean yield of any wool or hair provided for in item 306.04 shall be deemed to be 100 percent, unless fie actual clean yield, as defined in headnote M e l, supra, has been determined by suitable tests, and such use, or transfer for use, occurs not later than 3 years after the date of entry of such wool or hair. 6. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to prescribe methods and '•egulations for carrying out the provisions of this schedule relating to the duties on wool or hair. The Secretary of the Treasury is further authorized and directed to procure from the Secretary of Agriculture, and deposit in such customhouses and other places in the United States or elsewhere as he may designate, sets of the Official Standards of the United States for grades of wool. He is further authorized to display, in the customhouses of the United States, or elsewhere, numbered, but not otherwise identified, samples of imported wool or hair, to which are attached data as to clean yield and other pertinent facts, for the information of the trade and of customs officers.