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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 4. - CHEMICALS AND RELATED PRODUCTS Part 9. - Dyeing and Tanning Products; Pigments and Pigment-Like Materials; Inks, Paints, and Related Products


Rates of IXity

PART 9. - DYEING AND TANNING PRODUCTS; PIGMENTS AND PIGMENT-LIKE MATERIALS; INKS, PAINTS, AND RELATED PRODUCTS Part 9 headnote: I. Any product described in this part and also In part I of this schedule is classifiable under said part I, except varnishes, inks, and artists', students', and children's pigments or paints.

Subpart A. - Dyeing and Tanning Products Subpart A headnotes: I. This subpart covers only materials, extracts, decoctions, and other preparations suitable for coloring (including dyeing and staining) or for tanning. All the products provided for are of vegetable origin except cochineal (item 470.05) which is of animal origin, 2. For the purposes of this subpart — (a) the term "crude or processed" means materials which are crude or which have been processed by shredding, grinding, chipping, crushing, or any similar process, but not otherwise processed; and (b) the term "cutch" refers to products obtained from the Acacia catechu or Areca catechu trees.


Aimato, archil, cochineal, cudbear, and litmus

470.10 470.15

Brazil wood, cutch, fustic, henna, logwood, madder, Persian berry, safflower, and saffron: Crude or processed Other

Free 5.5S^ ad val.

Free 15i^ ad val.

470.23 470.25

Canaigre, chestnut, curupay, divi-divi, eucalyptus, hemlock, larch, and tara: Crude or processed Other: Chestnut, divi-divi, and hemlock Other

k% ad val. S% ad val.

1 5 ^ ad val. 1/ 1 5 ^ ad val. 1/


Gall nuts, crude or processed







Mangrove, nyrobalan, oak, quebracho, sumac, urunday, and w a t t l e: Crude or processed Other: Ifyrobalan and sumac Other

5.5S^ ad val. 1/ 7.5^ ad val. 1/

1 5 % ad val. 1/ 1 5 % ad val. 3 /


470.50 470.55 470.57

\/ These products are free of duty if entered on or before September 30, 1966. See Appendix to Tariff Schedules.

1/ 1,/