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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 4. - CHEMICALS AND RELATED PRODUCTS Part 13. - Fatty Substances, Camphor, Chars and Carbons, Isotopes, Waxes, and Other Products

219 Rates of Duty

P A R T 13. - F A T T Y S U B S T A N C E S, C A M P H O R, CHARS AND CARBONS, I S O TO P E S, WAXES, AND OTHER P R O D U C T S Part 15 headnote: I. Any product described In this part and also In part I of this schedule is classifiable under the said part I, except any product provided for In Item 493.10, 493.75, 494.50, 494.52, or 494.60, and except any product provided for In subpart C of this part.

Subpart A. - Fatty Substances Subpart A headnote: I. For the purposes of the exclusive trade agreement between the United States and the Republic of the Philippines, the specific parts of the rates of duty (3* per lb.) In items 490.24 and 490.43 of this subpart shall be deemed to be an "Internal tax" rather than an "ordinary customs duty".



F a t s, o i l s, and g r e a s e s, a l l the foregoing, of animal (including marine animal) or vegetable o r i g i n, which have been halogenated, n i t r a t e d, or vulcanized F a t t y s u b s t a n c e s, not sulfonated or s u l f a t e d, and not s p e c i a l l y provided for: Fatty acids: Of animal (including marine animal) o r i g i n: Oleic acid


S t e a r i c acid



490.20 490.22 490.24 490.26 490.30 490.32

Of vegetable origin: Derived from linseed oil Derived from hempseed, kapok, perilia, rapeseed, sesame, or sunflower oil.. Derived from coconut, palm-kernel, or palm oil Other Salts: Of animal (including marine animal) origin: Lithium stearate Other

1 / The s p e c i f i c part of the r a t e (3* per l b.) does not apply to f a t t y a c i d s derived from coconut, palmk e r n e l, o r palm o i l entered on o r before June 3 0, 1966. See Appendix to T a r i f f Schedules.

1651$ ad val.

205t ad val.

30 per l b. + 105^ ad val. 3* per l b. + 12.59^ ad val. 1.50 per l b. + 10J$ ad val.

30 per l b. + 205t ad val. 30 per l b. + 25St ad val. 30 per l b. + 20St ad val.

4.50 per l b. + lost ad val.

4.50' per l b. + 20St ad val.

2.250 per l b. + loi^ ad val.

4.50 per l b. +

30 per l b. + lost ad val. 1 / lost ad val.

30 per lb. + 2C* ad val. 1/ 205t ad val.

1.50 lost 1.50 lost

30 per lb. + 2% ad val. 30 per lb. + 23% ad val.

per l b. ad val. per l b. ad val.

ZQfii'SkA val.