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Part 1 - Live Animus Part 2 - Meats A. Bird Meat B. Meats Other Than Bird Meat Part 3 - Fish and Shellfish A. Fish, Fresh, Chilled, or Frozen B. Fish, Dried, Salted, Pickled, Smoked, or Kippered C. Fish in Airtight Containers D. Other Fish Products E. Shellfish Part 4 - Dairy Products; Birds' Eggs A. Milk and Cream B. Butter, Oleomargarine, and Butter Substitutes C. Cheeses D. Other Milk Products E. Poultry and Other Birds' Eggs Part 5 - Hides, Skins, and Leather; Furskins A. Hides, Skins, and Leather B. Furskins Part 6 - Live Plants; Seeds A. Live Plants B. Seeds Part 7 - Cereal Grains, Milled Grain Products, and Malts and Starches A. -Grains B. Milled Grain Products C. Malts and Starches Part 8 - Vegetables A. Vegetables, Fresh, Chilled, or Frozen B. Vegetables, Dried, Desiccated, or Dehydrated C. Vegetables, Packed in Salt, in Brine, Pickled, or Otherwise Prepared or Preserved D. Mushrooms and Truffles Part 9 - Edible Nuts and Fruits A. Edible Nuts B. Edible Fruits C. Fruit Flours, Peels, Pastes, Pulps, Jellies, lams, Marmalades, and Butters D. Glac^ Nuts, Fruits, and Other Vegetable Substances Part 10 - Sugar; Cocoa; Confectionery A. Sugars, Sirups, and Molasses B. Cocoa C. Confectionery Part 11 - Coffee, Tea, Mate, and Spices ^ A. Coffee and Coffee Substitutes, Tea, Mate B. Spices and Spice Seeds

Part 12 - Beverages A. Fruit Juices B. Non-Alcoholic Beverages C. Fermented Alcoholic Beverages D. Spirits, Spirituous Beverages and Beverage Preparations Part 13 - Tobacco and Tobacco Products Part 14 - Animal and Vegetable Oils, Fats, and Greases ^ A. Oil-Bearing Vegetable Materials B. Vegetable Oils, Crude or Refined C. Animal Oils, Fats, and Greases, Crude or Refined D. Hardened Oils, Fats, and Greases; Mixtures Part 15 - Other Animal and Vegetable Products A. Products of American Fisheries B. Edible Preparations C. Animal Feeds D. Feathers, Downs, Bristles, and Hair E. Shellac and Other Lacs; Natural Gums, Gum Resins, Resins, and Balsams; Turpentine and Rosin F. Miscellaneous Animal Products G. Miscellaneous Vegetable Products