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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 450 References to Tariff Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules

ALCOHOL(S) —Continued monohydric, unsubstituted l4.27.70-U28.12 ethers of I428.9O-96 phenethyl IjOS.iiO polyhydric (including glycols, polyglycols, diols and polyols) lj28.30-146 of polysaccharides and rare saccharides ij.93.68 esters, ethers and ester-ethers and substituted derivatives o f — fatty acids UeS.Og-lO organic a c i d s l428.30-li6 ALDEHYDE AMMONIA J425.O2 ALDEHYDES 1427.140-58 ALDOL OR ACETALDOL 1427.242 ALE 167.05 ginger 166.20 ALGINATE, sodium I426.88 ALIZARIN, n a t u r a l I4O6.6O ALKALOIDS and the i r compounds I437.OO-2I4 ALKANOLAMINES 1425.00-52 ALfCYB RESINS— nonbenzenoid I4I45.50 phthalic I4O5.25 ALL-OVERS, textile Sch 3, P t I4B Hdnte 1 ALLOYS (see a l s o METALS) — ferroceriurn and other pyrophoric 755-35 ALLIL— alcohol 1*27.70 resins I4i45.l5 ALMOND(S) (see a l s o NUTS) 1145.12; lUS.UO-Ul oilbitter I452.02 sweet 176.58 paste 1145.14! ALOES I435.05-10 ALTARS— miniature, of rubber or plastics . 772.97 for religious institutions 850.70 ALUMINA I4I7.I2 ALUMINUM (see also METALS) — compounds— salts of organic acids I426.O8 other I4I7.10-18 f o i l or l e a f 6I4I4.06-12; 6I4I4.6I4-76 ore ( b a u x i t e) 60I.O6 AMBER AND AMBEROID I88.3O AMBERGRIS I460.10 AMERICAN FISHERIES, products of Sch 1, Pt 1 5 A AMIDES AND A M I N E S — dibasic-acid, sulfonated or sulfated 1465.90 fatty, of animal or vegetable origin 1465.15-20 sulfonated or sulfated 1465.55-60 other I425.00-52 AMINES (see AMIDES AND AMINES) AMINOACETIC ACID 1*25.0I4 AMINO RESINS 1(145.35 AMINOTRIAZOLE I425.O6 AMMONIA— aldehyde 1425.02 alum I4I7.IO aqua and l i q u i d anhydrous I4I7.20-22 compounds I4I7. 2O-I4I4 AMMUNITION 730.90-93 AMPERE-HOUR METERS 713.05-15 AMPLIFIERS, audio-frequency e l e c t r i c 68I4.7O AMPOULES, g l a s s 5147.51 AMYL— acetate 1428.50 alcohol I427.72

ANATOMY— anatomical parts, human, prepared for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes I437.76 preparations of 190.80 ANCHOR(S) 652.03 chain 652.21 ANCHOVIES (see FISH) ANEMOMETERS— electrical 712.25-27 non-electrical— meteorological 710.26-27 non-meteorologic 711.82-83 ANETHOL I46O.15 ANGLES (see SECTIONS) ANILINE RESINS . I4O5.25 ANIMAL— feeds Sch 1, Pt 15C glue r I455.140-142 oils, fats, and greases (see OILS, FATS, AND GREASES) substances— crude, nspf 191.15 crude or advanced, having therapeutic or medicinal properties Sch I4, Pt 3 fatty Sch I Pts 8 A, 13A 4 waxes I49I4.02-08 ANIMALS— domesticated, straying or pastured across border 100.03-014 entered under bond for breeding, exhibition, or competition for prizes 86I4.6O game— for stocking purposes 100.05 killed abroad by U.S. residents 813.20 live Sch 1 Pt 1 or parts thereof, mounted or stuffed 190.68 pure bred, for breeding purposes 100.01 wild, for scientific public collection 852.20 ANISE— oil I452.OI4 spice 161.01 ANNATO, dyeing and tanning preparations I47O.05 ANODE COPPER 612.03 ANODES— metal, unwrought Sch 6 Pt 2 Hdnte 3(a) nickel, electroplating 620.50 zinc, for cathodic protection or for electroplating 653.25 ANTHRACENE— having a purity by weight o f — less than 30^ I4OI.O6 30^ or more I4O3.O2 oil I4OI.08 ANTIBIOTICS I437.30-32 ANTIFRICTION BALLS AND ROLLERS 680.30 ANTIMACASSARS— of rubber or plastics 772.35 of textile materials Sch 3 Pt 5C ANTIMONY (see also METALS) — compounds— potassium tartrate I426.72 salts of organic acids I427.28 other l4l7.50-5il metal 632.02; 632.60-62 needle or l i q u a t e d 603.IO ore 601.03 ANTIPASTO 182.05. ANTIPYRINE I4O7.30 ANTIQUES 766.20-25 determined not to be authentic 766.30