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References to Tariff Schedules

E L E C T R I C ( A L) (see also MACHINES) — alarms, "burglar and fire amplifiers, audio-frequency 68k apparatus for making, breaking, protecting electrical circuits appliances, kitchen and household, portable articles, nspf bells brazing machines and apparatus capacitors, fixed or variable conductors-insulated, with or without fittings 3.05-15 uninsulated 3.20-25 conduits, and fittings therefor 3.30-35 converters, rotary or static cutting machines and apparatus flashlights 681^.10 flatirons floor polishers food grinders and mixers, fruit juice ex- tractors furnaces and ovens, industrial and laboratory generators 682 683 hair-clippers 68k.20; 68k hair-dressing appliances heaters, immersion or water; and heating 68k.20; 684 apparatus, soil or space heating equipment, induction and dielectric ignition and starting equipment for internal-combustion engines indicator panels 685.TO inductors 682.60 insuldtors-ceramic 535.11-lit glass 3k-T.kx-k3 rubber or plastics TT3.30 lamps— discharge filament 686.30-90 luminescent 687.30 portable, with self-contained electrical source 683.TO-80 measuring, checking, analyzing, or automatically-controlling apparatus Sch 7 Ft 2D Hdnte 2 712.05-50 motors 682.20-55 motor-generators 682.60 parts, nspf 688.1+0 porcelain 535.11-11+ rectifiers and rectifying apparatus 682.60 refrigerators and refrigerating equipment— 661.35 resistors-68I+.50 heating other, fixed or variable, including 686.10 potentiometers scissors and shavers 683.50 signalling apparatus, sound or visual 685.70 sirens 685.70 soldering machines and apparatus 683.95 telephone and telegraph apparatus 681+.62-61+ tools, hand 683.20 transformers 682.10 vacuum cleaners 683.30 ware, ceramic 535.11-11+ welding machines and apparatus ELECTRICITT, not subject to provisions of Gen Hdnte 5(c) tariff schedules ELECTRICITY SUPPLY OR PRODUCTION METERS 713.05-15 ELECTRODES— base metal or metal carbide, coated or cored with flux, for soldering, etc 653.15 in part of carbon or graphite, for electric furnace or electrolytic purposes 517.61-71+ 682.90 ELECTRO-MAGNETS

References to Tariff Schedules

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC- clutches, couplings, brakes, and lifting heads 682.90 work holders ELECTRO-MECHANICAL APPLIANCES, non-industrial, with self-contained electric motors 683.30-32 ELECTRO-MEDICAL APPARATUS --709.15-17 ELECTRON microscopes and diffraction apparatus708 78; 85I+.IO ELECTRONIC-crystal components 687.60 musical instruments Sch 7 Pt 3A Hdnte 2 (c) 725.1+5 stroboscopic flash apparatus, photographic722.72 tub as- x-ray 709.61 other 687.50-60 ELECTRO-PLATING ANODES-of nickel 620.50 of zinc 653.25 ELECTROTYPE PLATES --ELEMENTS— chemical (see also METALS) 1+15.05-50 electrical, ceramic 535-1'+ optical 708.01-29 blanks 5I+0.63-67 radioactive 1+9I+. 50 ELEVATORS 661+. 10 liquid (bucket, chain, screw, band, and similar types) 660.90 EMHLIMS and insignia-jewelry Sch 7 Pt 6 AHdnte 2 (a) 7I+0.05-37 for institutions (regalia) Sch 8 Pt 1 Hdnte 2 + 850 1+0; 851.30 textile (see MOTIFS) EMBOSSING and stamping materials, mounted on 61+1+. 9 5 paper, etc EMBROIDERED (see ORNAMENTED) EMBROIDERY— machines 670.27 ornamented fabrics Sch 3 Hdnte 3 (a)(i)(A) 353-50 stilettos 651.0I+ EMERALDS— articles of, nspf 520.51 cut but not set 520.38 in natural state 520.11 EMERY-crude 519-IT in grains, ground, pulverized, or refined-519•3T EMULSIFIERS (see SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS) EMULSION, sheets or strips, photo-sensitive, but not exposed T23.20 ENAMEL(S)-of glass, frit, or calcine 5I+0.21-2T paints Sch 1 Pt + 9C Hdnte 2 Ti+.30-35 ENDIVE (see VEGETABLES) ENEMA BAGS and fittings therefor, of rubber or plastics TT2.k2 1+60.05 ENFLEURAGE GREASES ENGINES— fire 692-15 internal-combustion 660.1+0-51+ non-electric 660.T5-85 steam and other vapor power units 660.25-35 water 660.65-TO ENGLISH HORNS--Sch 7 Pt 3A Hdnte 2(b) T25. 2I+ ENGRAVINGS— engraved and printed by hand 765.10 imported under bond 862. 10; 861+.TO for institutions 85O, 10; 851.10 nspf-— 27I+. 50; 2T1+-T0 for U.S. Government 830.00