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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 475 References to T a r i f f Schedi£Les HEXYL ALCOHOL /t27.9A HIDES AND SKINS, r a w o r c u r e d ( s e e a l s o FURS)120.11-20 hide c u t t i n g s, raw /t55.10 HINGED TOOLS for holding or s p l i c i n g wire 6^8.85-89 HINGES, of base metal 6ii7.00-10 HIT-AND-MISS RAG FLOOR COVERING 361.50 HOCKEY EQUIPMENT 73^.80 HOES 6A8.55-57 HOGSHEADS (see CONTAINERS) HOISTS 66A. 10 HOLLANDS, window 356.20 HOLDERS (see also CONTAINERS AND H O L D E R S) ~ cigar and cigarette Sch 7 Pt 6 A Hdnte 2(b)

lipstick pen p o i n t used with screws, b o l t s or studs work and to o l — for machine to o l s work, magnetic HOLLOW DRILL STEEL HONES, hand HONEY HOODS— headwear lens HOOFS— articles of, nspf crude HOOK NAILS HOOKS— crochet and eyes fish grass screw HOOPS, wooden HOPS extract HORMONES HORN— crude articles of, nspf HORNS (musical instruments') HORSEHAIR, a r t i f i c i a l HORSERADISH (see VEGETABLES) HORSE(S) (see a l s o ANIMALS) shoes

7A0.05-1C; 756./tO-/t5 Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(b^ 7-i0.05-10 760.20 6/t6./i2 67/t.50-56 682.80 608.60-62 519.61 155.70 Sch 7 Pt IB Hdnte l (a) 722.60 792.^0 190.55 6/t6.22 651.07 7A5.60 731.05-06 6^8.69 6A6.72; 6^6.78 20<1.15 192.25 192.30 um.56-60 190.55 792.^0 Sch 7 Pt 3 Hdnte 2 309.05-C6

HORTICULTURAL— hand tools implements HOSE— flexible, metal suitable for gases or l i q u i d s — of rubber or plastics of textile materials


100.70-75 652.40 Sch 6 Pt 3E 666.00

HOT WATER BOTTLES and fittings therefor, of rubber or plastics HOUSEHOLD— appliances, electro-thermic articles n s p f — of glassware of metal effects (see EFFECTS) heating or cooking apparatus, non-electricimplements, nspf, of the character of hand tools

772.^2 684--10-50 54-6.11-57 653.60-654.20 653.4-5-50 651.21-55

u t e n s i l s (see UTENSILS) ware, of nonbone chinaware or s u b p o r c e l a i n 533.65-77 HUARACHES Sch 7 P t lA Hdnte 2 (a) 700.05 HUMAN HAIR 186.50 HUNTING KNIVES 650.01-21 HYDANTOIN DERIVATIVES 407.45-5C HYDRAULIC CEMENT AND CEMENT CLINKER 511.11-14 HYDROCARBON (S) 429.50-52 halogenated 429.20-48 mixtures 475.65-70 HYDROCHLORIC ACID 416.15 HYDROFLUORIC ACID 416.20 HYDRDGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS 710.04-50 HYDROIDS, for ornamental use 190.57 HYDROJET ENGINES 660.75 HYDROLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS 710.04-50 HYDROMETERS 711.30 HYDROSULFITE(S) — mixtures i n chief value of 423.84 sodium 421.06 zinc 422.74 other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) I4I7.20-423.00 HYDROXIDE(S) — aluminum 417.12 barium 417.74 i r o n (pigments!— natural 472.40-50; 473.32-40 synthetic potassium (caustic potash) sodium (caustic soda) other (classifiable according to cation constituent)

HYDROXYCITRONELLAL HYGENIC GLASSWARE HYDROGRAPHS HYGROMETERS HYPOCHLORITE(S) — calcium other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent)

473.30 420.18 421.08 417.18-423.00

46O. 4 5 547.53-55 711.60 711.55 418.22 417.18-423.00

652.09 772.65 357.90-95

Sch 3 Pt 6C Hdnte 1; 37A.05-65 727.02-0/t

heating or cooking apparatus, non-electric, axid parts, of base metal ware, of nonbone chinaware or of subporcelain

References to Tariff Schedules

653.A5-50 533.51

I ICE ICE BAGS, of rubber or plastics IGNITION WIRING SETS ILLUMINATING ARTICLE S — base metal glass, not optically worked


522.51 772.42 688.15 653.30-40 545.53-67