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487 References to T a r i f f Schedules

References to T a r i f f Schedules ORNAMENTED ( textile s) — C o n t i n u e d wearing a p p a r e l, textile — corsets, girdles, brassieres, etc gloves and glove l i n i n g s handkerchiefs hosiery mufflers, scarves, etc neckties other wearing apparel underv7ear ORNAMENTS — ceramic Christmas— of g l a s s of rubber or p l a s t i c s feather glass hair jewelry and r e l a t e d articles natural plants textile (see MOTIFS) wood ORRIS OIL ORTHOCEESOL ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES OSCILLOMETERS OSMIUM (see also METALS) compounds metal OSSEIN OSTRICH FEATHERS OUHICURY WAX OVENS

OXYCHLORIDE(S) — phosphorus other (classifiable according to cation constituent) OXYGEN

376.2U 70U.05-35 370.0li-20 therapy apparatus 37U.05-35 372.05-10 OZONE THERAPY APPARATUS 373-05 OYSTER(S) (see a l s o SHELLFISH) juice 380.03 378.05

I+I7.I8-I+23.OO 1+15.50 709.1+5 709.1+5 III+.3U-I+O III+.55

53^.11-97 5U5.81-87 772-95-97 7U8.1i0 5U6.11-57 750.20-22 Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2; 7U0.05-37 7U8.35 202.66 U52.U8 U03.UU 709.57 709.11 U23.00 605.02-08; 605.60-70 U55.12 I86.IO U9li-l6

electric 683-95 i n d u s t r i a l and laboratory, n o n - e l e c t r i c 66I.3O OVERNIGHT BAGS Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2 (a)(i) OVERSHOES Sch 7 Pt U Hdnte 1 OXALATE(S) — calcium I4.26.lii sodium U27 -02 strontium potassium U27.06 t i t a n i u m potassium U27.18 other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n c o n s t i t u e n t under " S a l t s of organic acids" and under "esters of acids and monohydric alcohols") OXALIC ACID OXIDE(S)--


Ii26.08-U27.28 U?8-72 U25-86

aluminum U17-12 antimony U17-50 barium U17-78 butylene 1+28.80 cerium Ul8.it2 cobalt UI8.6O cupric UlS.yli cuprous (pigment) U73-2li. diphenyl Ii08.l5 diphenylene UOl-32 ethylene 1+28.8U i r o n (pigments) — natural 1+73.1+0-50; 1+73.32-1+0 synthetic 1+73.30 leaded zinc (pigment) 1+73-U6-50 magnesium 1+19-32 nickel 1+19-72 mixtures of 1+23.90 propylene '• 1+28.86 strontium t+21.76 thorium 1+22.12 t i n, black 6OI.I+8 uranium 1+22.50 zinc (pigment) 1+73.76-78 zirconium 1+22.80 other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent 1+17.61+-1+23.00 and under "epoxides and halogenated epoxides") 1+28.88

PACHISI GAMES PACIFIERS, n u r s i n g, of rubber or p l a s t i c s PACKING— jute, twisted machinery molded of cotton and rubber PADDINGS OR IMTERLININGS PADDLES, canoe PADLOCKS PADS — glass fiber wood e x c e l s i o r PAILS, of rubber or p l a s t i c s PAINTINGS — executed wholly by hand imported under bond for institutions PAINT(S)

731+.15 772.1+0 385-10 662.10-20 385.15 356.80 696.30 61+6.60-85 51+0.71 200.25 772.25 765.05-07 862.10; 86I+.7O 850.10; 851.10 Sch 1 Pt 9C Hdnte 2; + 1+71+.30-35

a r t i s t s ', s t u d e n t s ', and c h i l d r e n ' s, whether or not i n s e t s 1+71+.02-08 brush and r o l l e r h and l e s, of wood 206.52 brushes— artists' 750.50-60 other 750.65 rollers 750.80 PAJAMAS Sch 3 Pt 6 F PALINGS, f e n c e, wooden 200.75 PALLADIUM (see also METALS) — coirpounds 1+23.00 metal 605.02-08; 605.60-70 PALM— l e a f, articles of Sch 2 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(d) nut k e r n e l s 175-27 nuts 175.30 o i l s, palm and palm-kernel— crude or r e f i n e d 176.32-36 d e r i v a t i v e s (see f a t t y a c i d s, a l c o h o l s, etc.) halogenated, n i t r a t e d, o r vulcanized— 1+90.05 hydrogenated I78.IO sulfonated or s u l f a t e d 1+65-65 PALMAROSA OIL 1+52-50 PAMPHLETS, i n r a i s e d p r i n t, for the b l i n d 826.10 PANELS— c e l l u l a r, wood Sch 2 Pt 3 Hdnte 1 (d); 21+5.60 control 685.90 indicator, electrical 685-70 of rubber or p l a s t i c s 772.35 textile Sch. 3 Pt 5C Hdnte 1 wood-veneer Sch 2 P t 3 Hdnte 1 (c); 21+0.30-60 PANTOGRAPHS 710.80 PAPAIN 1+37.1+8 PAPAYAS (see also FRUITS) II+8.60-66 PAPER AND PAPERBOARD— abrasive 519.51 albums 256.60 articles, nspf 256.75-90 b a s i c papers 252.05-10; 251+.05; 256.13 b i b l e and India paper 252.59-63; 251+.1+0-1+1+ bibulous paper blank books

book paper

252.13-17 256.56-58