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[78 STAT. 299]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964
[78 STAT. 299]

78 STAT.j


PUBLIC LAW 88-363-JULY 7, 1964

Public Law 88-363 AN ACT To establish the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Roosevelt Campobello International Park Act". SEC. 2. For the purposes of this Act: (a) The term "Commission" means the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission. (b) The term "United States members" means members of the Commission appointed by the President. The term "Canadian members" means members of the Commission appointed by the appropriate authorities in Canada. SEC. 3. There shall be established, in accordance with the agreement between the Governments of the United States and Canada signed January 22, 1964, a joint United States-Canadian Commission, to be called the "Roosevelt Campobello International P a r k Commission," which shall have as its functions— (a) to accept title from the Hammer family to the former Roosevelt estate comprising the Roosevelt home and other grounds on Campobello Island; (b) to take the necessary measures to restore the Roosevelt home as closely as possible to its condition when it was occupied by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; (c) to administer as a memorial the Roosevelt Campobello International Park comprising the Roosevelt estate and such other lands as may be acquired. SEC. 4. The Commission shall have juridical personality and all powers and capacity necessary or appropriate for the purpose of performing its functions pursuant to the agreement between the Governments of the United States and Canada signed January 22, 1964, which shall include but not be limited to the power and capacity— (a) to acquire property, both real and personal, or interests therein, by gift, including conditional gifts whether conditioned on the expenditure of funds to be met therefrom or not, by purchase, by lease or otherwise, and to hold or dispose of the same under such terms and conditions as it sees fit, excepting the power to dispose of the Roosevelt home and the tract of land on which it is located; (b) to enter into contracts; (c) to sue or be sued, complain and defend, implead and be impleaded, in any United States district court. In such suits, the Attorney General shall supervise and control the litigation; (d) to appoint its own employees, including an executive secretary who shall act as secretary at meetings of the Commission, and to fix the terms and conditions of their employment and compensation; (e) to delegate to the executive secretary or other officials and to authorize the redelegation of such authority respecting the employment and direction of its employees and the other responsibilities of the Commission as it deems desirable and appropriate; (f) to adopt such rules of procedure as it deems desirable to enable it to perform the functions set forth in this agreement; (g) to charge admission fees for entrance to the park should the Commission consider such fees desirable; however, such fees

July 7, 1964 [H. R. 9740]

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Act. Definitions.

Joint United States-Canadian Commission.



Property acquisition.

Employee ap« pointment.

Delegation of authority.

Rules. F e e s and revenues.