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78 GENERAL INDEX. Greece, (continued.) Gressum, Richard, increase of pension t0, vi Art. 11. Vessels unloading part of their 155. cargo may depart with the remainder Gratten, George G., pension to, vi. 190. without paying duties. Duties charge- Gridlcy’s Harm, purchase of, iv. 8. able on vessels, where to be paid, viii. (Irwin, Cyrus, and others,nccounts of, to be set- 502. tied, vi. 297. Art. 12. Consuls, &c. Archives of con- —--, Jonathan, claim of, to be scttlcd and suis to be exempt from search. Consuls, paid, vi. 155. &c., to judge and arbitrate in certain -—-, Thomas, amount of :1 bill of exchange cases, viii. 504. to be paid to, vi. 224. Art. 13. Consuls may require the assist- --——---, released from a judgment, vi. ance of local authorities for the arrest of 397. deserters. Deserters, when arrested, Griggs, Gideon, pension to, vi. 90. how to be disposed ofi Deserters guilty -;, John, pension to, vi. 100. of :1 crime, viii. 504. Grimball, John, Heirs, Qc., aj, authorized to Art. 14. Aid to shipwrecked vessels, &c., locate land, vi. 797. viii. 506. Groee, Jared E., authorized to reenter lands, Art,. 15. Regulations as to quarantine, viii. vi. 550. 506. Groun, Berqamin, pension to, vi. 515. Art. 16. Regulations as to blockade, viii. —---—-——··—, payment of pension to, vi. 506. 577. Art. 17. Duration of the treaty to be for Grover, Amasu., pension to, vi. 25. ten years, doc., viii. 506. ——---——-—·-, increase of pension to, vi. 115. Art,. 18. Ratiiicuiions to be exchanged ..-—-, Benjamin, payment of pension to, vi. within twelve months, viii. 508. 577. Greeley, Aaron, claim oi, to be settled, vi. 107. Grozer, William, payment to, vi. 771. Greely, Aaron, appropriation for, ii. 734. Grubb, Curtis, allowance to, for damages, vi. -——--, Joseph, pension to, vi. 23. 716. Green, Jfndrew, pension tc, vi. 139. Grymes, William, seven’ half-pay allowed ---, Elnah, and others, pension to be paid to heir of, vi. 662. to, vi. 657. Guadeloupe, commercial intercourse with, iv. -—-·, Isaac, released from a judgment, vi. 882. 269, 573. ---——, James, account of, to be settled, und he Guard, Daniel, pension to, vi. 67. to be discharged from prison, vi. 268. Guedry, Daniel, lend claim connrmed to repre.

, Jonas, pension to, vi. 73. sciitatives of, v. 493.

—--, Joseph, pension tc, vi. 23. -—·, Joseph, payment for land to be refund- -—-—-—~-·-—— I., claim of; to be settled und paid, ed to, vi. 561. vi. 193. -—;, Onczime, land claim confirmed tc, V. -—-—--———— J., claim cf, to be settled und paid, 493. vi. 155. —-——», Pedro, land claim confirmed to, vi- -.--——— W, and others, fishing bounty al- 526. lowed to, vi. 659. Guera, Antonio, land claim confirmed tc, vi

, Patrick, allowance to, vi. 789. 499.

-—-~-, William, pension to, vi.73. Guerlain, Lewis II., to be paid for damage to Greene, C/tristupltar, interest ullowed to repre- buildings, vi. 259. scntutives ol, i. 299. Guest, John, claim of} to be settled and paid, .·-.-----—·---·-, appropriation for, i. 339. vi. 400.

———--—--, interest allowed to, vi. 11. Guiclwt, Moturin, land title confirmed, and

————-—, Mazur- General Nathaniel, estate oi, in- payments refunded to, vi. 309. dcmni cd for ll bond, vi. 9, 28. Guion, Isaac, payment to, i. 185. ---··—·-—-—--·-—-·-—·-—·--·-————, estate of, in- Gutledge, Thomas, authorized to enter land, vi. demnined, i. 258, 344. 366. Grccnhaw, Robert, purchase of History of, v. Gulnarc, Brig, register allowed t0, vi. 831. 722, 723. Gumbleton, Robert, pension t0, vi. 417. Greenough, Horatio, payment to, v. 378, 428, Gunboots, 690. building of, ii. 206, 292, 330, 402, 451. Greenup, C'. C'., payment to, iv. 581. sale of, authorized, ii. 821 ; iii. 218. Greer, Jqferron, authorized to enter land, vi. to be laid up, ii. 699. 752. Gurnee, Sanmel, pension to, vi. 178. ·—-—-, Thomas, pension 7.0, vi. 33. Guthrie, Abclard, land patent to issue t0, vi. Gregory, Francis H., to be paid for expenses, 886. vi. 393. ——————————, land entry confirmed to, vi. ··-—-, John M, Representative: nj, huliipmy 921. allowed to, vi. 588. -—, James, pension to, vi. 178. --—-—·-, Luther, pension to, vi. 176. ————, John, pension to, vi. 33. Gregory, Lieutenant Francis H., prize money -———, Peter, authorized to relinquish and ento, for capture of ¤ British gunbout in the ter land, vi. 629. River St. Lawrence, iv. 23. Gut/ary, John, final settlement certificate to be Gresham, Elizabeth, pension to, vi. 890. paid to, vi. 269. -————-—-—-——·-———-, mlditional pension to, vi. Guticrres, Antonio, 909. -—;, Bernard, land claim confirmed to, -·--··-, Joseph, forlbiture to be paid to, vi. —·——, Francisco, vi. 499. G35. ._-·-, Jzum.,