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[80 STAT. 459]
[80 STAT. 459]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966

80 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 89-554-SEPT. 6, 1966

(3) the pay scales for physicians, dentists, and nurses in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Veterans' Administration, under chapter 73 of title 38; or (4) sections 867 and 870 of title 22; he may establish for the areas or locations higher minimum rates of basic pay for one or more grades or levels, occupational groups, series, classes, or subdivisions thereof, and may make corresponding increases in all step rates of the pay range for each such grade or level. However, a minimum rate so established may not exceed the seventh pay rate prescribed by statute for the grade or level. The President may authorize the exercise of the authority conferred on him by this section by the Civil Service Commission or, in the case of individuals not subject to the provisions of this title governing appointment in the competitive service, by such other agency as he may designate. (b) Within the limitations of subsection (a) of this section, rates of basic pay established under that subsection may be revised from time to time by the President or by such agency as he may designate. The actions and revisions have the force and effect of statute. (c) An increase in rate of basic pay established under this section is not an equivalent increase in pay within the meaning of section 5335(a) of this title and section 3552 of title 39. (d) The rate of basic pay, established under this section, and received by an individual immediately before the effective date of a statutory increase in the pay schedules of the pay systems specified in subsection (a) of this section shall be initially adjusted on the effective date of the new pay schedules under conversion regulations prescribed by the President or by such agency as he may designate. § 5304. Presidential policies and regulations The functions, duties, and regulations of the agencies and the Civil Service Commission with respect to this subchapter, subchapter III of this chapter, chapter 51 of this title, the provisions of part III of title 39 relating to employees in the postal field service, chapter 14 of title 22, and the provisions of chapter 73 of title 38 relating to employees in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Veterans' Administration, are subject to such policies and regulations as the President may prescribe. Among other things, the policies and regulations of the President may provide for— (1) preparing and reporting to him the annual comparison of Federal pay rates with private enterprise rates; (2) obtaining and reporting to him the views of employee organizations on the annual comparison, and on other pay matters; (3) reviewing and reporting to him on the adequacy of the Federal statutory pay structures for the Federal programs to which they apply; (4) reviewing the relationship of Federal statutory pay rates and private enterprise pay rates in specific occupation and local areas; and (5) providing step-increases in recognition of high quality performance and providing for properly relating supervisory pay rates paid under one system to those of subordinates paid under another system. SUBCHAPTER II—EXECUTIVE SCHEDULE PAY EATES § 5311. The Executive Schedule The Executive Schedule, which is divided into five pay levels, is the basic pay schedule for positions to which this subchapter applies.