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[80 STAT. 711]
[80 STAT. 711]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966

80 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 89-561-SEPT. 7, 1966

Washoe project, Hope Valley division, on the Carson Kiver in California and Nevada; Washoe project, Newlands extension division, on the lower Carson Eiver near the city of Fallon, Nevada. Region 3 Black River-Springerville-Saint Johns project on the Black River and Little Colorado River near Springerville and Saint Johns, Arizona; Boulder Canyon project, All-American Canal system water salvage, Coachella division, on the Coachella Canal in southern California; Boulder Canyon project, Ail-American Canal system water salvage. Imperial division, on the All-American Canal and the Imperial Valley distribution system in southern California; Flagstaff-Williams project, near the cities of Flagstaff and Williams, Arizona; Kingman project, on the Colorado River and near the city of Kingman, Arizona; Moapa Valley pumping project in the Muddy River Basin in southern Nevada; San Pedro-Santa Cruz project in the San Pedro and Santa Cruz River Basins in southeastern Arizona; Upper Gila River project on the Gila River and its tributaries in western New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Region 4 Bear River project, second phase, on the Bear River and its tributaries in north-central Utah and southeastern Idaho; Central Utah project, ultimate phase, Uintah unit, on the Whiterock and Uinta Rivers in northeastern Utah. Region 5 Brantley project on the Pecos River upstream from Carlsbad, New Mexico; Cibolo project on Cibolo Creek in the San Antonio River Basin in Texas; Eastern New Mexico water supply project in northeastern New Mexico; Nueces River project on Frio River in the Nueces River Basin in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, Texas; Portales project near the town of Portales in eastern New Mexico; Rio Grande water salvage project, New Mexico division, on the Rio Grande River between the Colorado-New Mexico State line, and the existing Caballo Reservoir; Texas Basins project, encompassing the gulf coastal streams of Texas extending irom the Sabine River on the north to the Rio Grande on the south. Region 6 Missouri River Basin project, Big Horn Basin division, Shoshone extension unit, Polecat Bench area, in northwestern Wyoming near the city of Powell; Missouri River Basin project, Cannonball division, Mott unit, on the Cannonball River in soutliwestern North Dakota;