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[80 STAT. 1822]
[80 STAT. 1822]
PRIVATE LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966



Concurrent Resolutions—Continued "International Education: Past, Present, Problems and Prospects", printing of additional copies "Isthmian Canal Policy Questions, Canal Zone—Panama Canal Sovereignty, Panama Canal Modernization, New Canal", printing of additional copies Joint Committee on the Organization of the Congress, funds for Olympic Games, Winter 1972, selection of Utah as site "Our American Government. What Is It? How Does It Function?", printing of additional copies "Our Capitol", printing of additional copies "Our Flag", printing of additional copies Prospect Park of New York City, centennial year, 1966 Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, printing of copies of hearings "Recent Federal Reserve Actions and Economic Policy Coordination", printing of additional copies Recreational Opportunities in the State of Washington, additional copies of report Rivers and harbors, beach erosion, flood control, etc., additional copies of report "Sino-Soviet Conflict and Its Implications", printing of additional copies. State taxation of interstate commerce, reports "A Study of Federal Credit Programs", printing of additional copies "Summary of Veterans Legislation Reported, Eighty-ninth Congress", printing of additional copies "Twentieth Anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946, an Economic Symposium", printing of additional copies "United States Policy Toward Asia", printing of additional copies "United States Policy With Respect to Mainland China", printing of additional copies United States-Puerto Rico Commission, printing of hearings Veterans' Benefits Calculator, printing of additional copies Waterloo, N.Y., birthplace of Memorial Day, centennial anniversary

-P"*® Concurrent Resolutions—Continued "World War on Hunger", printing of additional copies of hearings 1726 "Conflicts Between the Federal Research Programs and the Nation's Goals for Higher Education", printing of additional copies Congress: 1723 Adjournment, both Houses 1718, Adjournment, sine die 1717 Joint Committee on the Organization of the, funds for 1718 Joint meeting of two Houses Constantino Brumidi, marble bust to be placed in the Capitol 1727 Constitution of the United States, printing of additional copies 1720 Constitution Week, 1966, proclamation.. Crusade for Safety Day, proclamation 1722 Cumberland National Forest, Ky., designation as Daniel Boone National Forest, proclamation 1720



1722 1720 1729 1717 1717 1720 1722 1793 1738 1776

D 1722 Daniel Boone National Forest, Ky., designation, proclamation "Detection and Prevention of Chronic 1719 Disease Utilizing Multiphasic Health Screening Techniques", printing of additional copies 1724 "District of Columbia Home Rule,Delegate to House of Representatives", printing of additional copies 1721 1728 1721 1723


1719 1723 1719


1728 1719

Farm-City Week, 1966, National, proc1800 lamation Farm Safety Week, 1966, National, proc1764 lamation 1792 Father's Day, 1966, proclamation Fire Prevention Week, 1966, proclama1795 tion Firefighters, day of recognition, proclama1783 tion Flag Day and National Flag Week, 1966, proclamation -- 1790 Florida, Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center (Interama), proclama1768 tion Foreign Assistance, Fiscal Year 1966— 1724 Vietnam, printing of hearings Forest Products Week, 1966, National, 1817 proclamation

1724 1721 Gas Industry Week, proclamation General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1966, proclamation 1718

1791 1813