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[81 STAT. A12]
[81 STAT. A12]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Concurrent Resolutions: Page "Tax-Exempt Foundations and Char- Page Canada, centennial of the confederation itable Trusts: Their Impact on of 1054 Our Economy—(Third InstallCongress— ment)" 1058 Adjournment 1054, 1057, 1059, 1060 "Tax-Exempt Foundations: Their Adjournment, sine die 1061 Impact on Small Business" 1058 Joint session to receive Presidential Vietnam and the Asian Continent, communication 1053 maps. _, 1058 Enrolled bills, signing during adjourn"World Communist Movement— ment 1057, 1059, 1061 Selective Chronology 1818-1957 Finland, congratulations on 50th anniPrepared by the Legislative Refversary 1060 erence Service of the Library of Illinois, 150th anniversary 1061 Congress—Volume 4, 1954-1955"_ 1056 Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress. See also House of Representthe Congress, extension; appropriaatives; Legislative Branch of the tion authorization 1053, 1057 Government; Senate. Kentucky, 175th anniversary 1056 Adjournment 1054, 1057, 1059, 1060 "National Coal Week", designation 1056 Adjournment, sine die 1061 Publications, printing of additional copCapitol buildings and grounds— ies— Appropriation for 426 Commission on Political Activity of Safety and order within, preservaGovernment Personnel, hearings. 1060 tion of 275 "The Computer and Invasion of PriCapitol Police— vacy" 1055 Appropriation for 134 The Constitution of the United Compensation conversion 144 States 1055 Congressional redistricting, ninety-first The Constitution of the United Congress 581 States together with the DeclaEnrolled bills, signing during adjournration of Independence 1061 ment 1057, 1059, 1061 Convention of American Instructors Interstate compacts, consent of Conof the Deaf, report of 43rd biengress granted to. See separate title. nial meeting 1059 Joint Committee on the Organization of "An Economic Profile of Mainland the Congress, extension; appropriChina" 1055 ation authorization 1053, 1057 "Federal Programs for the DevelopJoint session to receive Presidential ment of Human Resources" 1055 communication 1053 "Federal Role in Urban Affairs" 1057 Ninetieth, second session, convention "The Federal System as Seen by date 746 Federal Aid Officials" 1054 Publications, printing of additional "Housing Legislation of 1967" 1059 copies for committees. See under "How Our Laws Are Made" 1056 Concurrent Resolutions. "Metropolitan America: Challenge to Reports to— Federalism" 1055 Attorney General— "Mineral and Water Resources of Oil and gas conservation, interstate Alaska" 1057 "Our Flag" 1058 compact 566 Subversive activities, proceedings, 767, 768 "Retirement and the Individual" 1059 Commerce, Department of— "Special Inquiry on Invasion of PriChildren of low-income families, vacy" 1055 state education entitlements.788 "State and Local Public Facility Flammability of products, research. 574 Needs and Financing" 1054 Commission on Marine Science, "Study of the U.S. Office of EducaEngineering and Resources, final, tion" 1060 time extension 780 "Summary of Veterans Legislation Commission on Obscenity and PorReported, Ninetieth Congress, nography 255 First Session" 1058 Commission on Revision of the Crim"Tax-Exempt Foundations and Chariinal Laws of the District of table Trusts: Their Impact on Columbia 743 Our Economy" 1058