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[81 STAT. 517]
[81 STAT. 517]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



PUBLIC LAW 90-160-NOV. 28, 1967

338. At such meeting, the creditors may elect a committee, if none has previously been elected under this Act, and, if a trustee has not previously been elected or appointed, may nominate a trustee who shall thereafter qualify in case it shall become necessary to administer the estate in bankruptcy as provided under this chapter." SEC. 3. That after section 338 of the Bankruptcy Act, as amended (11 U.S.C. 738), a new section is added to read as follows: SEC. 339. (1) The functions of a committee elected as provided in section 338 of this chapter may include the following: (a) to examine into the conduct of the debtor's affairs and the causes of his insolvency or inability to pay his debts as they mature; (b) to consider whether the arrangement proposed by the debtor is for the best interests of the creditors and is feasible; (c) to negotiate with the debtor concerning the terms of the proposed arrangement and to advise the creditors of its recommendations with respect thereto; (d) to report to the creditors from time to time concerning the progress of the proceeding; (e) to collect and file with the court acceptances of the arrangement proposed; and (f) to perform such other services as may contribute to the confirmation of the arrangement. "(2) A committee elected as provided in section 338 of this chapter may employ such agents, attorneys, and accountants as may be necessary to assist in the performance of its functions. Expenses of the committee for such assistance, whether incurred before or after the filing of the petition under this chapter, shall be allowed as an expense of administration to the extent deemed reasonable and necessary by the court, provided the arrangement is confirmed. Such expenses incurred by the committee before its election in accordance with section 338 snail not be disallowed because of a change in the committee's composition, provided a majority of the committee when it incurred the expense cx)ntinue as members of the elected committee." Approved November 28, 1967.




Administrative ^P^"^®^-

Public Law 90-159 AN ACT November 28, 1967 To aineiul the Act of.June 10, 11>::J8. relating to the participation of the United [H. R. 2834] States in the International Criminal I'olice Orieraniscation.

Be 'it etHicted by the Senate and Hov.'^e of Representatives of th United States of Anier'wa m Congt'e-'i-s a.ssemi>/ed. That the Act o International Criminal PoHce June 10, 1038 (52 Stat. 640; 22 IT.S.C 2()3a), as amended, is further organization. amended by deleting "$25,000" and inserting in lieu thereof $28,500". '^^ Stat. 921. Approved November 28, 1967.

Public Law 90-160 JOINT RESOLUTION

November 28, 1967

Designating February, 1968 as "American History Month". [S. j. Res.. 26] Benolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That February, 1968 is tor'Month"" "'^' hereby designated as "American History Month", and the President of the United States is requested and authorized to issue a proclamation inviting the people of the United States to observe such month in schools and other suitable places with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Approved November 28, 1967.