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[82 STAT. A63]
[82 STAT. A63]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


Wage and Labor Standards, appropria- Page tion for 332 Walt Disney Commemorative Medals, issuance of 130 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Against the Nazi, 25th anniversary commemoration 1442 Washington: Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, judgment funds, distribution 882 Glacier Peak Wilderness, extension of boundary 930 Klickitat County, construction of sewer and water system, reimbursement. 1319 Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, establishment 927 Muckleshoot Tribe, disposition of judgment funds 882 North Cascades National Park, establishment 926 Pasayten Wilderness, designation 930 Quincy-Columbia, East Columbia, and South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, severance pay for certain employees, nonreimbursable 354 Ross Lake National Recreation Area, establishment 927 Spokane Indian Tribe— Judgment funds, use 175 Sale, purchase, or exchange of lands on reservation, authorization 174 Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, acquisition, sale, long-term leasing of land 884 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, appropriation for 444 Waste Disposal Act, Solid: Amendments, research and development program, extension; appropriation authorization 1013 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 432, 981 Water: Colorado River Basin project, development of resources, conservation, etc 885 Foss Reservoir, Washita River Basin project, Okla., water sources, study, etc 124 Kings River Water Association and others, Calif., credit for excess payments for years 1954 and 1955 39 National wild and scenic rivers, water resources project, restrictions 913 Navajo Reservoir, N. Mex., contract for sale of water for industrial purposes. 52 Reclamation projects. See under Interior, Department of. Resource developments, feasibility 973 studies 5

Visitor Center Facilities Act of 1968, Na- Page tional 43 Visitor Facilities Advisory Commission, National, creation 45 Vocational Education, Indians, increased funds authorized 4 Vocational Education, National Advisory Council on, establishment 1066 Vocational Education Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting provisions 977 Vocational Education Act of 1963: Amendments— Citation of title I as 1064 Program expansion, authorization 1064 Appropriation for effecting provisions- 977, 978 Vocational Education Amendments of 1968 1064 Consu mer and homemaking education _ _ 1085 Cooperative programs 1086 Curriculum development 1090 Exemplary programs and proj ects 1080 General provisions 1064 Repeal of prior acts 1091 Research and training 1078 Residential vocational education 1082 State vocational education programs 107 2 Work-study programs for students 1088 Vocational Rehabilitation, veterans, parttime training 447 Vocational Rehabilitation Act: Amendments— Definitions, revision of 301 Evaluation and work adjustment 304 Extension of program, appropriation authorization 298 Grants to States, minimum allotments, increase 298 Appropriation for effecting provisions, _ _ 316, 986, 987 Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, appropriation for 316,327 Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1968 297 Vocational Student Loan Insurance Act of 1965, National: Amendments, student loan insurance programs, interest rate 635 Repeal 1024 Voting Assistance Act of 1955, Federal, Amendments: Armed Forces members, modified provisions 181 Citizens temporarily residing outside United States, provisions 180 W

Wage and Hour Division, appropriation for