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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969

83 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 91-21-JUNE 3, 1969

house or other school facility is to be constructed or acquired, the interstate board shall first determine whether it shall be located in New Hampshire or in Vermont. If it is to be located in New Hampshire, R S A 199, relating to schoolhouses, shall apply. If it is to be located in Vermont, the Vermont law relating to schoolhouses shall apply. "E. FISCAL YEAR.—The fiscal year of each interstate district shall begin on July first of each year and end on June thirtieth of the following year. " F. IMMUNITY FROM TORT LIABILITY.—Notwithstanding the fact that an interstate district may derive income from operating profit, fees, rentals, and other services, it shall be immune from suit and from liability for injury to persons or property and for other torts caused by it or its agents, servants, or independent contractors, except insofar as it may have undertaken such liability under RSA 281:7 relating to workmen's compensation, or RSA 412:3 relating to the procurement of liability insurance by a governmental agency and except insofar as it may have undertaken such liability under 21 V.S.A. Section 621 relating to workmen's compnensation or 29 V.S.A. Section 1403 relating to the procurement of liability insurance by a governmental agency. "G. ADMINISTRATIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN COMMISSIONERS OF E D U -

CATION.—The commissioners of education of New Hampshire and Vermont may enter into one or more administrative agreements prescribing the relationship between the interstate districts, member districts, and each of the two state departments of education, in which any conflicts between the two states in procedure, regulations, and administrative practices may be resolved. "H. AMENDMENT.—Neither state shall amend its legislation or any agreement authorized thereby without the consent of the other in such manner as to substantially adversely affect the rights of the other state or its people hereunder, or as to substantially impair the rights of the holders of any bonds or notes or other evidences of indebtedness then outstanding or the rights of an interstate school district to procure the means for payment thereof. Subject to the foregoing, any reference herein to other statutes of either state shall refer to such statute as it may be amended or revised from time to time. " I. SEPARABILITY.—If any of the provisions of this compact, or legislation enabling the same, shall be held invalid or unconstitutional in relation to any of the applications thereof, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect other applications thereof or other provisions thereof; and to this end the provisions of this compact are declared to be severable. " J. INCONSISTENCY OF LANGUAGE.—The validity of this compact shall not be affected by any insubstantial differences in its form or language as adopted by the two states. "ARTICLE



"This compact shall become effective when agreed to by the States of New Hampshire and Vermont and approved by the United States Congress." SEC. 2. The right is hereby reserved by the Congress or any of its standing committees to require the disclosure and the furnishing of such information and data by or concerning any school district created