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[84 STAT. A10]
[84 STAT. A10]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970



Banks and Banking—Continued International Bank for Reconstruction and Development— Financial institutions, directors and alternates, employee benefits United States contributions, increase. International M o n e t a r y F u n d — Financial institutions, directors and alternates, employee benefits United States contribution— Appropriation for Increase Investment companies, standards, technical amendments, etc Securities Act of 1933. See separate title. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. See separate title. Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 Securities Investor Protection Corporation, establishment Trust I n d e n t u r e Act of 1939, amendment, t r u s t indentures, registration requirement, exemption T r u t h in Lending Act, amendments, credit cards, issuance, liability of holder, fraudulent vise Baudette, Minn., bridge across R a i n y River, toll-free provisions, deletion __ Bauxite, Surinam-type Metallurgical Grade, disposition from national stockpile Beekeepers, reimbursement for losses caused by pesticide residues Beer, excise tax, refunds and credits, etc_ Benbrook Reservoir, Tex., contract for municipal water supplj^ Bethune Memorial, Mary McLeod, erection in District of Columbia, extension of authorization Bicycle Parts, d u t y suspension Bill of Rights Day—Human Rights Day, proclamation Biographical Directory of the American Congress (1774-1970), revised edition, printing as Senate document Biological Program, International, congressional support Bird Conservation Act, Migratory, administration, certification by Interior Department of a m o u n t used for Bismuth, disposition from national stockpile Black Lung, benefits for coal miners, appropriation for


1659 1657

1659 1861 1657 1413

1636 1637


1126 1090

423 1382 2056 312

303 2073 2261


1098 417 40

Blind: Page American Printing House for the BlindAppropriation for 41, 2014 Funds for private nonprofit institutions 194 Books for, appropriation for 822 Educational centers and services 182 White Cane Safety Day, 1970, proclamation 2237 Blood Banks, transfer of blood components within District of Columbia 218 Blood Donor Month, National: 1970, proclamation 2203 1971, designation 1114 1971, proclamation 2258 Blue Lake, Calif., designation 1877 Board on Coastal Engineering Research, compensation 1819 Boating Week, National Safe, 1970, proclamation 2206 Boiler Inspection Act of the District of Columbia, Amendment, redesignation of courts in provisions 570 Bonin Islands, certain inhabitants, admission to United States 2112 Bonneville Power Administration, appropriation for 396, 899 Botanic Garden, appropriation for 387, 821 Boy Scouts of America, World J a m b o r e e held in J a p a n in 1971, loan of equipment by Defense Department 1403 Bradley, General Omar N., historical collection, opening ceremonies 2179 Brazos River, reclamation project, additional funds 310 Bretton Woods Agreement Act, Amendments: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United States contribution, increase 1657 International M o n e t a r y F u n d, United States contribution, increase 1657 Bridges: Alteration progress payments 1725 Cape Vincent, N.Y.-Kingston, Ont., across St. Lawrence River, authorization 1355 Fort Point Channel, Boston, Mass., construction 1871 M a r k l and D a m on Ohio River near Markland, Ind., and Warsaw, Ky_ _ 1724 Muscatine, Iowa, time extension for construction of bridge across Mississippi River 312 R a i n y River near Baudette, Minn., deletion of toll-free provisions 1090 Replacement program 1741