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[84 STAT. A22]
[84 STAT. A22]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970



Corporations—Continued Foreign— Exchanges, taxation Tax credit Government Corporation Control Act— Amendment, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, a mixed-ownership Government corporation _ Appropriation for effecting provisions 37, 1495, Income tax, worthless securities, losses. _ Overseas P r i v a t e Investment Corporation, appropriation for Passive investment income, tax a t i o n. _ Property distribution, tax t r e a t m e n t. _ Public Broadcasting, Corporation for— Appropriation for 47, Financing, appropriation authorization Railroad Passenger Corporation, National, creation Reconstruction Finance Corporation, property transferred to other Government agencies, payment in lieu of taxes, extension Saint Lawrence Seawaj^ Development Corporation, termination and accrual of payment of interest on obligations Sales of real property, tax t r e a t m e n t as capital gains Securities Investor Protection Corporation, establishment S t a t u to r y mergers, tax exemption Corundum, disposition from national stockpile Cosmetics, misbranded substances, packaging Cost-Accounting Standards Board: Appropriation for Establishment Cost of Living Stabilization, Presidential authorization for adjustment of wages rents, etc.; extensions 799, Cotton: Land-diversion payments Price support Set-aside cropland program Cotton Research and Promotion Act, Amendment, i m m u n i t y provisions, repeal Country Music Month, 1970, proclamation Court of Military Appeals, United States, appropriation for Courts, United States: Administrative Office, appropriation for 1057,

Page 2065 2068

1340 2011 2071 1857 2067 2059 2019 888 1330


1038 2070 1637 2077 425 1673 1991 796

1468 1376 1374 1376

929 2249 2025


Appeals, Courts of— P^se Adult education. State plans, review 162 Animals used for research, exhibition, etc., violations, judicial review-1565 Appropriation for 384, 388, 1056, 1994 Egg Products Inspection Act, refusal of inspection service, jurisdiction1631 Handicapped children. State education plans, review 181 Library services and construction program, judicial review 1665 Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, jurisdiction under 1602 P l a n t Variety Protection Act, jurisdiction 1550 Poison prevention packaging, standards, judicial review 1672 State and local educational plans, judicial review of application, _ 151, 181 Unemployment compensation administration, judicial review 703 Bankruptcy, discharge of debts, order, etc 990 Claims, United States Court of— Appropriation for 1056 Reporting of court proceedings 298 Crime Control Act of 1970, Organized922 Criminal procedures, defendant representation for financially disabled persons 916 Criminal proceedings, transcripts 1412 Customs Administrative Act of 1970 — 282 Customs and P a t e n t Appeals, Court of— Appropriation for 388, 1055 Holding of evidentiary hearings in foreign countries 277 P l a n t Variety Protection Act, jurisdiction 1550, 1558 Customs C o u r t — Appropriation for 384, 388, 1056 Holding of evidentiar.y hearings in foreign countries 277 Judicial actions and administrative proceedings, improvement 274 Customs Courts Act of 1970 274 District Courts— Appropriation for 384, 388, 1056, 1994 Bank holding companies, prevention of violations, jurisdiction 1767 Court reporters, additional 298 District realignment, additional places for court to be held 297 Egg Products Inspection Act, jurisdiction, enforcement 1632 Foreign arbitral awards, jurisdiction692 Gold or silver articles, relief against misrepresentation 690

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