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[85 STAT. C48]
[85 STAT. C48]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Volunteers of America Week: Designation Proclamation Voting Age: Twenty-sixth amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to extending the right to vote to citizens eighteen years of age or older Proposed amendment

Page Water Resources Research Act of 1964: Page 4 Amendments— 884 Contracts and grants, contents of report 493 District of Columbia, Virgin Islands and Guam, inclusion in program. 494 State water resources research institutes, increased funds 493 829 Surplus personal property, convey825 ance to institute 494 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 238 W Waters for America Week, Clean, 1071, proclamation 900 Wage and Labor Standards AdministraWatershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, appropriation for effecting tion, appropriation for 28, 46 War Claims Act of 1948, appropriation for provisions 195, 196 735 effecting provisions 266, 288 Weather Modification Activities, reporting, West Virginia: Washington: Rowlesburg Lake project. Cheat River, Kalispel Indian Reservation, sale of water rights claims 799 lands 625 Stonewall Jackson Lake, West Fork Lower Monumental Lock and Dam River, water rights claims 799 project, Snake River, modification 801 White Cane Safety Day, 1971, proclamation. _ 913 Snohomish Tribe of Indians, disposition 58, 113 of judgment funds 83 White House Office, appropriation for White River, flood control project, addiSnoqualmie and Skykomish Tribes of tional funds 798 Indians, disposition of judgment funds 83 Whiteoak Dam and Reservoir, Ohio River Basin, Ohio, modification 801 Upper Skagit Tribe of Indians, disposiWild Horses and Burros, free-roaming on tion of judgment funds 83 public land, protection 649 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Wilderness Areas: Authority, appropriation for 212, 641 Arches National Park, Utah, recommenWashington Monument, Display of Flags dations for suitability within 422 at the, proclamation 916 Canyonlands National Park, Utah, Water: recommendation for suitability.. 421 Resources development projects, feasiCapitol Reef National Park, Utah, bility studies 664 suitability study 740 San Angelo, Tex., repayment contract Wildlife Refuge System, National, Alaska, for water proj ect, revision 415 replacement of acreage selected by Water, Office of Saline, appropriation for.. 238 native villages 697 Water Bank Act, appropriation for effectWines, Domestic, foreign market promoing provisions 198 tion, removal of restrictions 99 Water Commission, National, appropriaWoodrow Wilson International Center for tion for 375 Scholars, appropriation for 244 Water Conversion Act of 1971, The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Act of 1968, Saline 159 appropriation for effecting provisions. 244 Workplace Standards Administration, apWater Pollution Control Act, Federal: propriation for 287 Amendments, extension of program. _ 124, 379 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 194 World Law Day, 1971, proclamation 911 Water Resources Council, appropriation World Trade Week, 1971 proclamation.. 897 958 for 375 Wright Brothers Day, 1971, proclamation. Wyoming: Water Resources Planning Act, Amendment, increased funds 77 Kortes Unit, Missouri River Basin project, conservation of fishery resources. 414 Water Resources Planning Act of 1965, Park County, land conveyance by Inappropriation for effecting provisions. 375 terior Department to successors in Water Resources Research, Office of, interest of Feme M. McNeil 848 appropriation for 67, 238