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[86 STAT. xxvi]
[86 STAT. xxvi]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1972


XXVI Public Law


International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial Property, name change. JOINT RESOLUTION To amend the joint resolution providing for United States participation in the International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial Property-. 92-512 Federal-State revenue sharing. AN ACT To provide fiscal assistance to State and local governments, to authorize Federal collection of State individual income taxes, and for other purposes 92-513 Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act. AN ACT To promote competition among motor vehicle manufacturers in the design and production of safe motor vehicles having greater resistance to damage, and for other purposes 92-514... Reclamation Project Authorization Act of 1972. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct, operate, and maintain various Federal reclamation projects, and for other purposes 92-516 D.C., blind and physically disabled persons. AN ACT To enable the blind and the otherwise physically disabled to participate fully in the social and economic life of the District of Columbia 92-516 Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act of 1972. AN ACT To amend the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, and for other purposes 92-517. - . National Capital Area Transit Act of 1972. AN ACT To provide for acquisition by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority of the mass transit bus systems engaged in scheduled regular route operations in the National Capital area, and for other purposes 92-518 D.C., teachers, salary increase. AN ACT To amend the District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Act of 1955 to increase salaries, to provide certain revisions in the retirement benefits of public school teachers, and for other purposes 92-519 District of Columbia Implied Consent Act. AN ACT To provide that any person operating a motor vehicle within the District of Columbia shall be deemed to have given his consent to a chemical test of his blood, breath, or urine, for the purpose of determining the blood alcohol content 92-520 Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Bicentennial Civic Center Act. AN ACT To amend the Public Buildings Act of 1959, as amended, to provide for the construction of a civic center in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes 92-521 Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oreg., additional lands. AN ACT To authorize and direct the Secretary of Agriculture to classify as a wilderness area the national forest lands adjacent to the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, known as the Minam River Canyon and adjoining area, in Oregon, and for other purposes 9 2 - 5 2 2... Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. AN ACT To protect marine mammals; to establish a Marine Mammal Commission; and for other purposes 92-523 Commerce Department maritime programs, appropriation increase. AN ACT To amend the Act to authorize appropriations for the fiscal year 1973 for certain maritime programs of the Department of Commerce 92-524 Thaddeus Kosciuszko Home National Historic Site, Pa., establishment. AN ACT To provide for the establishment of the Thaddeus Kosciuszko Home National Historic Site in the State of Pennsylvania, and for other purposes 92-525 Hohokam Pima National Monument, Ariz., establishment. AN ACT To provide for the establishment of the Hohokam Pima National Monument in the vicinity of the Snaketown archeological site, Arizona, and for other purposes 92-526 Administrative Conference of the U.S. AN ACT To amend provisions of law relating to the Administrative Conference of the United States.... --92-527 Mar-A-Lago National Historic Site, Fla., acceptance and administration. AN ACT To provide for the administration of the Mar-A-Lago National Historic Site, in Palm Beach, Florida.




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