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PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973



Aeronautics and Space Council, National, -^^^^ abolition 1090 Aeronautics Board, Civil, appropriation for 25, 127,338 Aft-ica, Sahel Region of: Blaster relief assistance, appropriation for 1055 Famine and disaster relief assistance— Appropriation for 1050 Development program, authorization of funds 725 "Africa, United States Business Involvement in Southern", hearings on, printing of additional copies 1127 African Unity, Organization of, extension of certain privileges and immunities to, Presidential authority 635 Aged. See Elderly Persons. Aging, Administration on: Expansion of authority 30 Library services program for the elderly, coordination 58 Older American community service employment program, cooperation 63 Transportation and housing problems of the rural elderly, special programs, coordination 59 Aging, Federal Council on the: Establishment 33 Personnel needs in field of aging, appraisal, cooperation 45 Aging, National Information and Resource Clearing House for the, establishment 32 Agnew, Spiro T., franked mail privilege of Secretary of Senate, use on behalf of _ _ 503 Agricultural Act of 1949, Amendments: Butterf at price support, suspension 222 Cotton— Insect eradication program 235 Price support 233 Set-aside cropland program 234 Dairy products, donations to military departments and veterans hospitals, extension of program 223 Feed grains, voluntary program, price support 230 Milk price support 222 Nonconserving crop failure payments 944 Tung nuts, mandatory price support, continuation through 1976 crop 942 Wheat price support levels 224 Agricultural Act of 1954, appropriation for effecting provisions 475 Agricultural Act of 1956, appropriation for effecting provisions 442 Agricultural Act of 1961, appropriation for effecting provisions._ 475

Agricultural Act of 1970: ^^^^ Amendments— Agricultural commodities, cost of production, study 237 Beekeepers, reimbursement for losses caused by pesticide residues, time extension 237 Dairy import study 223 Livestock study 237 Milk marketing orders, extension of program 222 Rural environmental conservation program 241 Set-aside acreage, payment limitation, extension 221 Summer fallow farms, set-aside acreage program, extension 230 Wheat stored to avoid penalty, release 229 Appropriation for effecting provisions— 469 Agricultural Adjustment Act: Amendment, milk marketing orders, extension of program; hearings 222 Modification of duties on certain commodities, proclamation 1148, 1203, 1207, 1231, 1241, 1259 Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938: Amendments— Cotton— Marketing quotas 233 Minimum national base acreage allotment 233 Skiprow practices 236 Rice acreage allotments, transfer 27 Tobacco acreage allotments or quotas, Ga.-S.C, emergency lease or transfer 178 WheatAcreage allotment227 Marketing certificates. 225, 228 Marketing quotas, suspension, extension 229 Projected yield... — 229 Set-aside acreage 226 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 476 Agricultural Commodities. See also individual commodities. Cost of production, study 237 Disaster reserve; emergency supply._ 239, 240 Donation to certain summer camps, prohibition 249 Export sales reporting 238 Exporters and importers, technical assistance 238 Importation— Domestic production 240 Tarifif schedules, proclamations 1148, 1202, 1207, 1231, 1241, 1259 Purchase for donation to schools and other domestic food assistance programs 249