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[87 STAT. C57]
[87 STAT. C57]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973


SUBJECT INDEX Navy, Department of the—Continued Reserve components—Continued Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, females, official enrollment Militarj' construction— Appropriation authorization Appropriation for Military training student load Operation and maintenance, appropriation for Selective Reserve, strength Reserve Forces Facilities Authorization Act, 1974 _ U.S. Naval Academy— Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, appointments from Iranian citizens (2), attendance authorized Nebraska, Lincoln, relocation of railroad lines, demonstration projects Neurological Diseases and Stroke, National Institute of, appropriation for.. Nevada, Elko, relocation of railroad lines, demonstration projects.. New Hampshire: Financial institutions in, negotiable order of withdrawal accounts Franconia Notch, construction of adjacent highway. _ Route 101, repayment of Federal-aid highway funds paid for New Hope Dam and Lake, N.C., name changed to B. Everett Jordon Dam and Lake New Jersey: Interstate Route 1-287, corridor hearings _ _. Raritan River bridge, environmental impact statement. New York, Staten Island, operation of Public Health Service hospital in, continuation News Media Correspondents, access to certain military bases abroad Nicaragua, disaster relief assistance, appropriation for Nicolaus Copernicus Week: Designation __ _ Proclamation _ Ninety-third Congress, Second Session, convention date North Atlantic Treaty Organization, U.S. troop deployments, balance-of-payments deficit; cost sharing North Carolina: B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake Corporation Freeway, corridor hearings. New Hope Dam and Lake, name changed to B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake

^^^^ North Carolina—Continued !'»«« Onslow County, conveyance of mineral interest 710 North Vietnam. See Vietnam, North. 660 Numismatic Items: Imitation items, marking requirements, 685 restriction on nonconforming items. 687 767 Manufacture and distribution 456 608 Nurses, Physicians, Dentists, Etc., Veterans Administration, compensation 1030 rates, increase.. 188 608 Nursing Homes: Insured loans for fire safety equipment 685 for 883 Veterans Administration. See separate title. 690 Nutrition Act of 1966, Child: Amendments— 660 Breakfast programs in schools 562 Special milk program, extension of 280 eligibility 563 Special supplemental food program, 751 extension.. 563 Appropriation for effecting provisions...:L00, 280 101, 475, 488, 489 Nutrition Service, Food and, appropriation for... 101, 488 342 O

278 Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, technical amendment 1024 266 Occupational Safety and Health Administration, appropriation for 125, 748 Occupational Safety and Health Review 510 Commission, appropriation for 763 Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National, appropriation for 121, 268 647, 1082 Oceans and International Environmental 271 and Scientific Affairs, Bureau of, establishment 453 Office for Civil Rights, appropriation for._. 760 622 OflSce of Consumer Affairs, appropriation for 487 732 Office of Environmental Quality: Additional funds authorized 72 1055 Appropriation for — 481 Office of Pipeline Safety, allocation for 12 safety study of natural gas pipeline 1183 distribution systems 329 Offshore Shrimp Fisheries Act of 1973 1061 770 Oil, 1954, International Convention for the Prevention of the Pollution of the Sea by, implementation. -424 619 Oil and Gas: Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 510 1973 627 268 First sale of certain oil and gas, exemption from price restraints and allocation programs 590 510 Mandatory allocation program.._ 629