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PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973



UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Begun and held at the City of Washington on Monday, January 3, 1973, and adjourned sine die on Saturday, December 22, 1973. RICHARD M. NIXON, President; SPIRO T. AGNEW, Vice President until his resignation October 10, 1973; GERALD R. FORD, Vice President on and ajter December 6, 1973; CARL ALBERT, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Public Law 93-1 JOINT RESOLUTION January 19, 1973

Extending the time within which the President may transmit the Budget Message and the Economic Report to the Congress and extending the time within which the Joint Economic Committee shall file its report.

[H. J. Res. i]

Besolced by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled., That (a) notwithstanding Budget message, the provisions of section 201 of the Act of June 10, 1922, as amended transmTuai.^^'"'^ (31 U.S.C. 11), the President shall transmit to the Congress not later Time extension. than January 29, 1973, the Budget for the Fiscal Year 1974; (b) not- g/stat! neg^' withstanding the provisions of section 3 of the Act of February 20, 1946, as amended (15 U.S.C. 1022), the President shall transmit to the ^^ ^'^^- 2^; Congress not later than January 31, 1973, the Economic Report; and (c) notwithstanding the provisions of clause (3) of section 5(b) of the Act of February 20, 1946 (15 U.S.C. 1024(b)), the Joint Economic ^2 Stat. le. Committee shall file its report on the President's Economic Report with the House of Representatives and the Senate not later than March 10, 1973. SEC. 2. Xot later than February 10, 1973, the President shall transmit to the Congress (1) the reports, with respect to all funds impounded on or after October 27, 1972, and before January 29, 1973, required by section 203 of the Budget and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950 (as added by section 402 of the Federal Impoundment and Information Act), and (2) a report, with respect to all funds Post, p. i. impounded on or after July 1, 1972, and before October 27, 1972, containing the same information as is required by such section. Approved January 19, 1973.