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[87 STAT. 850]
[87 STAT. 850]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973


PUBLIC LAW 93-203-DEC. 28, 1973

[87 STAT.


Grants to Governors.

gjj^- 112. (a) From the fviiids available to liim for this section, the Secretary shall make grants to Governors to provide financial assistance, through State vocational education boards, to provide needed vocational education services in areas served by prime sponsors. (b) All of the sums available to carry out this section shall be allotted among the States in the manner provided for allotting funds under section 103(a). (c) Funds available under this section shall be used only for providing vocational education and services to participants in programs under this title in accordance with an agreement between the State vocational education board and the prime sponsor. TITLE II — P I ' B L I C EMPLOYJSIENT P R O G R A M S STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

SEC. 201. It is the purpose of this title to provide unemployed and underemployed persons with transitional employment in jobs providing needed public services in areas of substantial unemployment and, wherever feasible, related training and manpower services to enable such persons to move into employment or training not supported under this title. ALLOCATION OF F U N D S

SEC. 202. (a) Eighty per centum of funds available for any fiscal year under this title shall be allocated among eligible applicants in accordance with the number of unemployed residing in areas of sub.-tautial unemployment within the jurisdiction of the applicant compared to the number of unemployed residing in all such areas. (b) The lemainder may be distributed by the Secretary in his discretion taking into account the severity of unemployment within such areas. F IX A X C I A L ASSISTANCE

SEC. 203. (a) The Secretary shall enter into arrangements with eligible applicants in accordance with the provisions of this title in order to make financial assistance available in areas of substantial unemployment for the ]iurpose of providing transitional employment for unemployed and under-employed persons in jobs providing needed public services, and training and manpower services related to such euiploymeut which are otherwise unavailable, and enabling such persons to move into employment or training not supported under this title. (b) Xot less than 90 per centum of the funds appropriated pursuant to this title which are used by an eligible applicant for public service euiploymeut programs shall be expended only for wa.<ies and employment benefits to persons employed in public service jobs pursuant to this title. ELIGIBLE


S F ( \ 204. (a) Financial assistance under this title may be provided by the Secretary only pursuant to applications submitted by eligible applicants which are— (1) piime sponsors qualified under title T; or (2) Indian tribes on Federal or State reservations and which include areas of substantial unemployment. (b) For fiscal year 1974, eligible applicants include any entity eligible to be a prime sponsor under section 102(a).