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[88 STAT. C37]
[88 STAT. C37]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

SUBJECT INDEX Page Appropriation for 224, 771 Grants-in-aid to airports, availability of funds 1779 Military participation under agreements with Armed Forces, elimination of report requirement 1970 Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971, appropriation for effecting provisions 770 Federal Bureau of Investigation, appropriation for 223, 1193 Federal City College, D.C., president of, appropriation for 824 Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, appropriation for effecting provisions 629 Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, appropriation for effecting provisions 1636, 1638, 1645 Federal Columbia River Transmission System Act 1376 Federal Communications Commission: Aliens, a m a t e u r radio operator licenses, issuance 1576 Appropriation for 227, 1100 Certain common carrier applications, notice to Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State 1577 Communications common carriers, proceedings against, limitation period, extension 1577 National Commission on Electronic F u n d Transfers, member 1508 Federal Credit Union Act, Amendments: Audit requirement, revision 1964 Deposit insurance, increased ceiling 1503 Dividends 720 Federal insurance coverage, termination 720 Health and accident insurance for m a n agement 1507 Investments in Federal H o m e Loan Mortgage Corporation 727 Lending authority 719 Liquidation 721 Membership, uniform entrance fees and application denial 719 Public fund accounts, deposit insurance coverage 1501 Supervisory committees, annual a u d i t. _ 719 T r u s t territories, applicability 720 Veterans and F H A mobile home loan programs 1866 Federal Crop Insurance Act, Amendment, a u d i t requirement 1963 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 217, 1830 Federal Deposit Insurance Act, Amendment: Audits, frequency 1963 B a n k holding companies and subsidiaries, cease and desist authority over 1506 Debt obligations, regulation of interest rates on 1558 Deposit insurance, increased ceiling 1502 Federally related mortgages loans, limitations on and disclosures of certain 1729 Insured institutions, m u t u a l to stock conversions, m o r a to r i u m 1505 Public fund accounts, coverage 1500 State-chartered insured b a n k s, interest r a t e s on business or agricultural loans 1558


State u s u r y ceilings, applicability to Page certain obligations 1560 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Banks, unfair or deceptive practices in or affecting consumers, enforcement of regulations 2197 National Commission on Electronic F u n d Transfers, m e m b e r 1508 Real estate settlement— Congressional action, necessity for further, consultation 1730 Statement of costs, standard form, consultation 1725 Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, appropriation for 200 Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1974 1263 Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, Amendments: Advertisements 1278 Campaign depositories 1280 Contributions, use of excess 1289 Enforcement 1284, 1289, 1290 Federal Election Commission, establish1280 ment 1289 F r a n k e d solicitations, prohibition Political committees; principal campaign committee 1275, 1276 Report i n g and disclosure 1272, 1276- 1279 Federal Election Commission, establishment 1280 "Federal Elections, Public Financing of", hearings, publication of additional 2426 copies Federal Employees Health Benefits Act, Retired, appropriation for effecting 620 provisions Federal Energy Administration: 1783 Appropriation for 246 Coal conversion and allocation Cost of Living Council, Energy Division, transfer of functions to Ad100 ministrator Emergency Mass Transportation As260 sistance Plan, cooperation Energy Conservation, Office of, transfer 100 of functions to Administrator 260 Energy conservation s t u d y Energy D a t a and Analysis, Office of, transfer of functions to Administra100 tor 263 Energy information, quarterly report. _ 1241 Energy Resources Council, m e m b e r Energy Supply and Environmental Co246 ordination Act of 1974 97 Establishment Fuel and energy facilities and equipment, monitoring of exports, con1553 sultation Geothermal Energy Coordination and 1081 M a n a g e m e n t Project, member New m o to r vehicles, fuel economy 261 study, cooperation Oil and Gas, Office of, transfer of func100 tions to Administrator Petroleum Allocation, Office of, transfer 100 of functions to Administrator Transportation regulations study, co257 operation Federal Energy Administration Act of 96 1974 Federal Energy Office, appropriation for.- 280, 618

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1362; Part 2 contains pages 1363-2545.