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[88 STAT. C96]
[88 STAT. C96]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Veterans Administration—Continued Pa^e Veterans, prisoners of war, educational P«w Disabled veterans, employment within assistance, extension of eligibility the Federal Government, regulaperiod for former 292 tions 1594 Vietnam, International Commission of Employment, outreach and public inControl and Supervision in, authorizaformation program __ 1848 tion for U.S. share cf contribution 1816 Hospitals— Vietnam, North: Admission for veterans suffering from Aid to nations trading with, prohibialcoholism or drug abuse; contion 1801 fidentiality of records, regulaCombat activities in or over, restriction tions; report to congressional on funds 232, 285, 1231 committees ._ 131, 133, 139 Reconstruction assistance, prohibiHarry S Truman Memorial Veterans' tion 232, 285 Hospital, Mo., designation 1957 Vietnam, South: Interagency Committee on Federal Child care assistance. 1808 Activities for Alcohol Abuse and Combat activities in or over, restriction Alcoholism, member 133 on funds 232, 285, 1231 National Commission on Arthritis and Economic and military assistance— Related Musculoskeletal Diseases, Limitations 1808 ex officio member 2218 Plan, preparation by Department of National Council on Health Planning State, sense of Congress 1444 and Development, ex officio memFertilizers, restriction on funds for. 1363, 1795 ber 2228 Military assistance— Philippines, Republic of the, medical Appropriation for. _ 1224 care grants, appropriation for 1105 Authorizations 405 Real estate settlement Restriction 1798 Necessity for further congressional Military forces, funds for support 282 action, consultation 1730 Relief and reconstruction, authorizaStatement, standard form, consultation of funds for _ 1807 tion 1725 U.S. civilian officers and employees in, Tuition assistance allowance program limitation - 1809 abuses, study 1581 Vietnam-Era Veterans' Readjustment AsVeterans' Canteen Service, audit resistance Act of 1972, Amendment, quirement, revision. 1964 wives and widows, educational assistVeterans and Survivors Pension Adjustance, eligibility period extension 292 ment Act of 1974 1702 Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment AsVeterans' Benefits Calculator, printing of sistance Act of 1974 1578 copies _ __ 2400 2451 Veterans Day, 1974, proclamation 2525 Vietnam Veterans Day, proclamation Virgin Islands: Veterans Disability Compensation and Child abuse and neglect, demonstration Survivor Benefits Act of 1974 180 programs, treatment as a State 2310 Veterans' Education and Rehabilitation Gifts sent from, duty and tax, exempEqualization Amendments Act of 1974 1958 tion -. - 2075 Veterans Employment and Readjustment Handicapped children in, education proAct of 1972, appropriation for effectgrams, grants 581 ing provisions __ 1635 Headstart programs, allotment of funds. 2301 Veterans Housing Act of 1974 1863 Medical facilities, modernization and Veterans' Insurance Act of 1974 165 construction projects, allotment of "Veterans Legislation Reported, Ninetyfunds 2262 third Congress, Summary o f, printMinimum wage, increase 56-58 ing of additional copies 2402 Social services programs, allotment of Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act funds 2339 of 1974, Vietnam Era 1578 Submerged lands, conveyance to 1210 Vice President of the United States: Appropriation for , 424 Virgin Islands National Park, Virgin Islands, appropriation ceiling inClaims, erroneous payments, waiver 394 crease -- 1445 Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1974 1263 Virginia: Official temporary residence— Colonial National Historical Park, appropriation for 618 propriation ceiling increase 1445 Designation 340, 1764 Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, establishment 801 Protective services for 1765 James River Face Wilderness, designaVietnam: tion 2098 Draft evaders and military deserters, program for return, proclamation.. 2504 Vision Week, Save Your, 1974, proclamation -- 2448 International Commission of Control and Supervision in Viet-Nam, apVisitor Center Facilities Act of 1968, Napropriation for 1189 tional, Amendment, Union Station, D.C., construction of parking faciliPrisoners of war and missing in action, ties adjacent to; additional funds 1449 deceased, funeral transportation Vital and Health Statistics, United States and living expense benefits to National Committee on, establishfamilies of 53 ment 366 U.S. contribution, authorization.,, 1816 Now: Part I contains pages 1T1362; fqrt 2 contains pages 1363-9548.