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[88 STAT. 1452]
[88 STAT. 1452]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975


PUBLIC LAW 93-479-OCT. 26, 1974



POWERS Rules and regulations. IS u s e 78b note. R e c o r d s, maintenance and availability.


Expiration of authority.

Information, restrictions on accessibility.

SEC. 7. (a) The Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Treasury may each by regulation establish whatever rules each deems necessary to carry out each of his functions under this Act. (b) Each such Secretary may require any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States— (1) to maintain a complete record of any information (including journals or other books of original entry, minute books, stock transfer records, lists of shareholders, or financial statements) which such Secretary determines is germane to his functions in the foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment studies to be conducted pursuant to this Act; and (2) to furnish under oath any report containing whatever information such Secretary determines is necessary to carry out his functions in such studies. Whenever an order under clause (2) of this subsection requires a person to produce information which can be specifically identified as being part of the records of its customers, the Secretary shall, upon being provided the names and addresses of such customers, send a notice to such customers that information from their records will be disclosed pursuant to this Act; Provided, That this requirement shall not apply when such person is directly involved in the ownership or management of assets for the customer as nominee, agent, partner, fiduciary, trustee, or in a similar relationship. The authority of each Secretary under this subsection shall expire on the date provided under section 10 of this Act for the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Treasury to submit a full and complete report to the Congress. (c) I n addition to the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Treasury, the only individuals who may have access to information furnished under subsection (b)(2) are those sworn employees, including consultants, of the Department of Commerce or Department of the Treasury designated by the Secretary of either such Department. Neither such Secretary nor any such employee may— (1) use any information furnished under subsection (b)(2) except for analytical or statistical purposes within the United States Government; or (2) publish, or make available to any other person in any manner, any such information in a manner that the information furnished under subsection (b)(2) by any person can be specifically identified, except for the purposes of a proceeding under section 8. Such Secretaries may exchange any such information furnished under subsection (b)(2) in order to prevent any duplication or omission in the studies conducted by each such Secretary pursuant to this Act. (d) Except for the requirement under subsection (b)(2), no agency of the United States or employee thereof may compel (1) the Secretary of Commerce or the Secretary of the Treasury, (2) any individual designated by either such Secretary under the first sentence of subsection (c), or (3) any person which maintained or furnished any report under subsection (b), to submit any such report or constituent part thereof to that agency or any other agency of the United States. Without the prior written consent of the person which maintained or furnished any report under subsection (b) and without the prior written consent of the customer, where the person maintained or furnished any such report which included information identifiable as being