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[88 STAT. C41]
[88 STAT. C41]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

SUBJECT ESTDEX Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956, Amend- Page ments: Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife, abolishment 92 United States Fish and Wildlife Service, establishment of new 92 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions. 783, 785, 788 Fish and Wildlife Service, United States: Appropriation for 805 Establishment of new 92 Fish Conservation Act, Anadromous: Amendments — Extension 398 Sea l a m p r e y control 398 State cooperative agreements, Federal share increase 398 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 805 Fisheries Act of 1950, Northwest Atlantic, Amendment, fish conservation, international enforcement, U. S. participation 293 Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of Sport: Appropriation for 200, 222 Federal agency loan of personnel and equipment 123 R e p l a c e m e n t by United States Fish and Wildlife Service 92 Fisheries Commission, Atlantic States Marine, appropriation for 1198 Fisheries Commission, Gulf States Marine, appropriation for 1198 Fisheries Commission, Pacific Marine, appropriation for 1198 Fisheries Commissions, International, appropriation for 1191 Fishermen, Migratory, education programs for children of, grants 492 Fishermen's Guaranty Fund, appropriation for 1198 Fishermen's Protective Fund, appropriation for 210 Fishing Day, National Hunting and: Designation 1166 Proclamation 2513 Fishing Vessels, exemption from certain inspection and loadline requirements. 1182, 1183 Flag Day and National Flag Week, 1974, proclamation 2484 Flag of the United States, Armed Forces reserve components, presentation for deceased members 176 Flood Control: Appropriation for 784 Mississippi River, appropriation for.. 207, 784 Flood Control Act of 1936, appropriation for effecting provisions 1838 Flood Control Act of 1941, Amendment, clean drinking water, emergency supplies 34 Flood Control Act of 1944, appropriation for effecting provisions 789 Flood Control Act of 1948, Amendment, small projects in disaster areas 29 Flood Control Act of 1950, appropriation for effecting provisions 195 Flood Control Act of 1954, Amendment, flood control, debris removal, and channel clearing, increased allotment. 20 Flood Control Act of 1960, Amendments: Floods and damages, authorization of funds. 30 Public road substitution 17

Flood Control Act of 1966, Amendment, Paee Great South Bay, N.Y., flood control survey, report 33 Flood Control Act of 1970, Amendments: Auburn D a m and Reservoir, American River, Calif., road and bridge construction 22 Niobrara, Nebr., seepage and drainage problem, increased funds 19 Flood Insurance Act of 1968, National, appropriation for effecting provisions. 1097 Flood Prevention Act, Watershed Protection and, appropriation for effecting provisions 1837 Florida: Big Cypress National Preserve, establishment 1258 Biscayne National Monument, acquisition ceiling increase; b o u n d a r y changes 1445, 1446 Bradwell Bay Wilderness, designation.. 2097 Canaveral National Seashore, establishment 2121 E g m o n t K e y National Wildlife Refuge, establishment 295 Florida Keys and St. M a r k s Wilderness areas, designation 2153 K e y West, Overseas Highway to, authorization of funds for reconstruction of bridges 2288 Marion County, conveyance of mineral interests in 190, 399 Spessard L. Holland Visitor Center, designation 2124 W. Turner Wallis P u m p i n g Station, designation 141 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Federal, Amendment, bottled drinking water standards 1694 Pood and Agriculture Act of 1965, appropriation for effecting provisions 1829 Food and Drug Administration: Appropriation for 220, 1840 Arthritis Coordinating Committee, member 2221 Food and Nutrition Service, appropriation for 195, 1840 Food Shortages, countries most seriously affected by, U.S. poUcy 1819 Food Stamp Act of 1964: Amendments— Federal payments to States 341 Supplemental security income recipients, eligibility e x t e n s i o n — 291 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 1841 Ford, Gerald R., best wishes from Congress 2409 Foreign Affairs: Additional funds authorized for 237, 1439 Appropriation for administration 207, 224, 1187 Foreign Agricultural Service, appropriation for 217, 1828 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961: Amendments— Cambodia, limitations on assistance. 1810 D r o u g h t stricken African nations, disaster relief 290 Economic assistance— Agricultural credit programs 1796 Countries engaged in certain trade or shipping, assistance prohibition. Presidential waiver authority . 1805

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