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[88 STAT. C86]
[88 STAT. C86]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Senate—Continued Page President of the Senate—Continued Reports to—Continued Office of Education, public education, State equalization plan guidelines 610 President of the United States— National Forest System, Renewable Resources Assessment and Program, Statement of Policy 478 Records maintained on individuals, disclosure, list of certain exempt records 1905 Transportation, Department of, Deepwater Port Act of 1974, administration, activities, recommendations 2146 Veterans Administration, dependency and indemnity compensation claims, study 183 President pro tempore— Appointments by— Congressional Budget Office, Director 302 District of Columbia Law Revision Commission, member 480 National Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials, members.1699 White House Conference on Education, National Conference Committee to guide and plan, members 598 White House Conference on Library and Information Services, advisory committee of, members 1857 Reports to. Energy Research and Development Administration, joint Federal-industry corporations, establishment 1885 Public Works, Committee on, reports to— Engineers, Corps of, water resources development projects.. _ 13, 17, 28 Environmental Protection Agency— New motor vehicles, economy improvement standard, study 261 Transportation regulations, study.257 Transportation, Department of, new motor vehicles, fuel economy improvement standard, study 261 Reports to— Appropriations, Committee on, spending and permanent budget authority, recommendations 319 Budget, Committee on the— Additional budget reform proposals, study 327 Congressional budget process 307 Off-budget agencies, study 325 General Accounting Office, audit of the Small Business Administration 750 Unfair trade practices 2042 Secretary of the. Federal Election Commission, ex officio member 1280 Senate Procedure, 1974 edition, appropriation for preparing 426 Veterans' Affairs Committee on, report by the Veterans Administration, education loans, default experience and rate 1591

Sequoia National Park, Calif., use of cer- Pasre tain lands within for a hydroelectric project 1660 Sewall-Belmont House National Historic Site, D.C., designation 1463 Sex, Discrimination on the Basis of. Prohibition: Boy Scouts of America, exemption 1862 Camp Fire Girls, exemption 1862 Credit transactions 1521 Energy research and development and nuclear regulatory programs 1254 Exemption for membership in certain organizations 1862 Federal Energy Administration programs, exclusion from participation in, or denial of benefits of 109 Girl Scouts, exemption 1862 Intercollegiate athletic activities in federally assisted education programs, proposed regulations 612 Little League Baseball, Inc., girls, equal participation 1744 Naval Sea Cadet Corps youth programs-- 1575 Schools of medicine 347 Women's educational programs 554, 555 Young Men's Christian Association, exemption 1862 Shipping Act, 1916, Amendment, barge operations .'—'^. 1966 Shoe Lathes, temporary suspension of 235 duty ^ Shoreline Erosion Advisory Panel, establishment27 Shoreline Erosion Control Demonstration 26 Act of 1974 Shortages Act of 1974, National Commission on Supplies and 1167 Appropriation for effecting provisions _- 1781 Shrimp Fisheries Act of 1973, Offshore, 209 appropriation for effecting provisions.1549 Silk Yarns, duty suspension, extension Silver and Gold, transactions for delivery pursuant to leverage contracts 1405 Sirups, Sugars, and Molasses, tariffs and quota on certain, establishment, proclamation 2537 Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux, N. Dak.S. D a k Lake Traverse, land acquisition 1468 Lands in trust 1465 Siuslaw National Forest, Oreg., boundary extension 1733 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Mich., appropriation ceiling increase. 1446 Small Business Act, Amendments: Associate Administrator for Minority Small Business, designation 748 Chief Counsel for Advocacy, designation-.-, 749 Loan programs 742-749 Outstanding loan ceiling, increase 742 Reporting requirements, modification-. 1972 Small businesses affected by the energy crisis, loans 748 Small Business Administration: Appropriation for 210, 229, 1205, 1779 Audit by General Accounting Office 750 Community development corporations, availability of assistance to, regulations 2321 Import increases, firms adversely affected by, assistance 2032

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1362; Part 8 contains pages 1363-2545.