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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Child Health and Human Develop- ^^^ ment, National Institut*> of, National Advisory Council on Services and Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled, ex officio member 499 Child Health Day, 1975, proclamation 1299 Child Nutrition Act of 1966: Amendments — Nonfood assistance program 525 Nutrition education, cash grants 528 School breakfast program, extension 511 Special supplemental food program, extension 96, 518 Appropriation for effecting provisions 173, 662, 663, 826, 827 Child Nutrition Act of 1966 Amendments of 1975, National School Lunch Act and 511 Children Act of 1975, Education for All Handicapped 773 Chile, limitation on assistance to 868 "China: A Quarter Century After the Founding of the People's Republic", printing for Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1200 China, People's Republic of, agricultural attache 757 Citizens' Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality, appropriation for 590 Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, 1975, proclamation 1286 Civil Aeronautics Board: Appropriation for 206, 707 Energy conservation policies and practices, study 939 Civil Rights, Commission on: Age discrimination, study 731 Appropriation for 207, 633 Civil Rights Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions-. 469, 633 Civil Rights Act of 1968, appropriation for effecting provisions 585 Civil Service Commission, United States: Appropriation for 192, 206, 448, 841 Physicians and dentists, report on recruitment and retention in Federal government, cooperation 674

Civil Service Commission, United Page States — Continued Retirement— Annuities, allotments 1002 Applications for benefits, time limitation 1057 National Guard technicians 679 Claims: [NOTE: For action concerning individuals, see Individual Index, following this Subject Index.]

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. See separate title. Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Act 844 Department s and agencies, appropriation for settlement 193, 842 District of Columbia, appropriation for settlement 175 Indian Claims Commission, appropriation for 997 Micronesian Claims Act of 1971, appropriation for effecting provisions 988 Naval vessel construction or conversion contracts, funds for claims settlement 539 Sac and Fox Tribes, disposition of j u d g m e n t funds 1093 Claims, United States Court of: Appropriation for 630 Judges, salary adjustment 422 Claims Settlement Act, Alaska Native. See Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Claims Settlement Commission, Foreign, appropriation for 207, 635 Clergy Week in the United States, International, proclamation 1235 Coal: Conversion 875 New underground mines, development incentives 876 Coast Guard, United States: Active duty personnel s t r e n g t h, authorization 260 Aircraft, vessels, establishments, etc., appropriation authorization 260 Appropriation for 190, 204, 696 Bridges over navigable w a t e r s, payment to owners for alterations 261 Cargo vessels, emergency situations 426 Enlisted aides 544