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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Elementary and Secondary Education Page Act of 1965: Appropriation for effecting provisions 468, 470 Technical amendment 1102 Elizabeth Seton Day, National Saint: Designation 477 Proclamation 1293 Elson, Reverend Edward L. R., prayers offered by the Chaplain, printing as Senate document 1196 Emergency Compensation and Special Unemployment Assistance Extension Act of 1975 236 Emergency Home Purchase Assistance Act of 1974, Amendment, interim authority to purchase certain mortgages, extension. _ 256 Emergency Homeowners' Relief Act 249 Emergency Homeowners' Relief Fund, establishment 252 Emergency Housing Act of 1975 249 Appropriation for effecting provisions 581 Emergency Insured Student Loan Act of 1969, appropriation for effecting provisions 469 Emergency Jobs and Unemployment Assistance Act of 1974, Amendment, special unemployment assistance, extension; certain educational institution employees, noneligibility 240 Emergency Livestock Credit Act of 1974, Amendment, g u a r a n t e e authority, extension 214 Emergency Medical Services Week, 1975, proclamation 1311 Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973, Amendments: Asphalt allocation authority 955 Extension 694 Hoarding prohibitions 954 Inventory controls 953 Mandatory allocation program, extension 481 Oil pricing policy 941, 946, 947 Refinery operations, direct controls 953 Repeal of certain provisions 946 Standby authorities, conversion to 950 Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1975 481 Emergency Relief Act, Small Business 1095

Emergency School Aid Act: Page Amendment, National Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity, extension 233 Appropriation for effecting provisions 179, 469 Emergency Technical Provisions Act 233 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 1974, Amendments: Emergency compensation account 65 Program extension 238 Employ the Handicapped Week, National, 1975, proclamation 1297 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, Amendment, contributions to H.R. 10 plans 47 Employment Act, Older American Community Service 720 Employment Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting provisions 445 Employment Opportunity Commission, Equal, appropriation for__ 189, 207,633 Employment Standards Administration, appropriation for 203,828 Energy Administration, Federal. See Federal Energy Administration. Energy Administration of 1974, Federal, appropriation for effecting provisions 995 Energy Impact Statements 940 Energy Policy and Conservation Act 871 Energy Program, Agreement on an International, voluntary agreem e n t s in support of 815 Energy Reorganization Act of 1974: Amendments, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, chairman, functions; term of office 413,414 Appropriation for effecting provisions 994, 995, 1035, 1036, 1047 Energy Research and Development Administration, authorization of funds 1063, 1068 Nuclear Regulatory Commission, authorization of funds 80, 413 Energy Research and Development Act of 1974, Federal Nonnuclear: Amendment, central source of nonnuclear energy information, establishment 1075