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896 TREATY WI'I`H NEW GRANADA. Dec. 12, 1846. be considered as belong to them by their public que les corresponden por su ca- ”“°h· character, they shall, before enter- racter publico, antes de entr ar en el ing on the exercise of their func- ejercicio de sus funciones, presentions, exhibit their commission or taran su comision 6 patents en la patent, in due form, to the govern- forma debida al gobierno respecto ment to which they are accredited; del cna] estan acreditados; ihabiand, having obtained their ecregua- endo obtenido su ezegualur, seran tur, they shall be held and con- reputados i considerados como sidered as such by all the authori- tales por todas las autoridades, ties, magistrates, and inhabitants majistradosi habitantes del distriin the consular district in which to consular en que residan. they reside. Anrrcrn XXXII. Anrrccno XXXH. cXg;¤i*£:»m 8;%; It is likewise agreed, that the Se ba convenido igualmente, hc Qmcc had consuls, their secretaries, officers, que los cousules, sus secretaries, from taxes, &e. and persons attached to the service oficiales, i personas agregadas al of consuls, they not being citizens servicio de los consulados (no siof the country in which the con- endo estas personas ciudadanos del sul resides, shall be exempt from pais en donde el consul reside) all public service; and also from esteran exentas de todo servicio all kind of taxes, imposts, and publico, i tambien de toda especie contributions, except those which de pechos, impuestos i contrihucithey shall be obliged to pay on ones, esceptuando aquellas que account of commerce or their esten obligados a pagar por razon property, to which the citizens de comercio u propiedad,i alas and inhabitants, native and foreign, cuales estan sujetos los ciudadanos of the country in which they ihabitantes naturalesi estranjeros reside, are subject, being in every en el pais en que residen, quedanthing besides subject to the laws do en todo lo demas sometidos é of the respective States. The las leyes delos respectivos estados. 1`iwif vqhivés archives and papers of the consul- Los archivos i papeles de los con-

‘;‘,;j;°P°" "‘"°` ates shall be respected inviolably, sulados serén respectados inviolaand under no pretext whatever blemente, i bajo ningun pretesto

shall any magistrate seize or in los ocupara majistrado alguno, ni any way interfere with them. tendré en ellos ninguna intervencron. Anrrcne XXXUI. An·r·rcU1.o XXXIII. Ccnsuls may The said consuls shall have Los cliches consules tendran Egglgtézigitfgj power to require the assistance of facultad para requerir el ausilio de thorities in se. the authorities of the country for las autoridades locales para la pri- ¢¤fi¤2 d¢¤<=m¤· the arrest, detention,and custody of siornrdetencion i custodia de los deserters from the public and pri- desertores de buques, publicos i Mode of pro- vate vessels of their country ; and particulates, de su respectivo pais; °°°‘““€· for that purpose they shall address i con este objeto se dirijirén a themselves to the courts, judges, los tribunales, jueces i empleados and officers competent, and shall competentes,i reclamaran por esdemand in writing the said desert- crito los dichos desertores proers, proving by an exhibition of bando con la presentacion de los the registers of the vessels, or rejistros de los buques, del rol de ship's roll, or other public docu- la tripulacion i de otros documenments, that those men were part of tos publicos, que aquellos hombres the said crews; and on this demand hacian parte de las dichas tripnlaso proved, (saving, however, where ciones: ié. virtud de esta demunda, the contrary is proved by other asi probada (esceptuando no ob- Dtmmmhow testimonies,) the delivery shall not stante el caso en que se probate tobodisposed os be refused. Such deserters, when por otros testimonies Io contrarro)