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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976





Center for Disease Control. See Disease Control, Center for. Central, Western, and South Pacific Fisheries Development Act, amendments 809 Central Intelligence Agency: Medical malpractice suits 1985 Retirement and disability fund, appropriation for 1300 Retirement benefits 2467 Central Intelligence Agency Retirement Act of 1964 for Certain Employees, amendments 2467 Ceramic Tableware, extension and modification of certain increased rates of duty, proclamation 3096 Chamizal National Memorial, Tex.: Appropriation for 1047 Development ceiling increase 2733 Channel Islands National Monument, Calif., development ceiling increase 2733 Charles Carroll, two hundredth anniversary of signing of Declaration of Independence, commemorative medals 302 Chassahowitzka Wilderness, Fla., designation 2633 Cherokee Strip Living Museum, Kans., administration 2501 Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Okla., establishment 235 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 19, 1431 Child Development, Office of, Federal Council on Educational Research and Development, member 2230 Child Health and Human Development, National Institute of, appropriation for 11, 1423 Child Health Day, 1976, proclamation 3127 Child Nutrition Act of 1966, appropriation for effecting provisions 865, 866 Children. See also Youths. Blind and disabled children, rehabilitation services 2683 Child day care services 1215 Child support, collection payments, extension 990 Foster Grandparent Program, ACTION person-to-person services 526 HUD employees, day care center 1077 Indochina Refugee Children Assistance Act of 1976 1225 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974— Amendments 244, 2425 Appropriation for effecting provisions 19, 945, 946

Children—Continued United Nations Children's Fund, appropriation for 772 Chile, economic assistance, military assistance, sales, and sales credit, limitations 758 China, Republic of, naval vessels, sale to, approval 1938 Chiricahua National Monument Wilderness, Ariz., designation 2692 Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, 1976, proclamation 3123 Civil Aeronautics Board: Appropriation for 642, 656, 1182 National airport system, revised plan, consultation 872 National Transportation Policy Study Commission, liaison officer 449 Civil Defense Act of 1950, Federal: Amendments 931, 932 Appropriation for effecting provisions 975, 976 Civil Rights, Commission on: Additional funds authorized 524 Appropriation for 623, 642, 656, 955 Civil Rights, Office of, appropriation for 1432 Civil Rights Act of 1957, amendment 524 Civil Rights Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions 944, 956, 1427 Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Awards Act of 1976, The 2641 Civil Rights Commission Authorization Act of 1976 524 Civil Service Commission, United States: Appropriation for 628, 642, 656, 968 Retirement— Cost-of-living adjustment 1462 Reemployed annuitants, pay 1202 Claims: [None: For action concemiog individuals, aee Individual Index, following this Subject Index.]

Alaska Native Claims Settlement ActAmendment 1934 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1051, 10613 Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976, Court of Appeals, judicial review 2913 Black lung benefits, hearing examiners 24218 Departments and agencies, appropriation for settlement... 160, 629, 1284, 1416, 2066, 2846 German Democratic Republic, determinations against, for American nationals 2509

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.