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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976




International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976 729 International Trade Commission, United States, terms of office; voting procedures 1762 International Travel Act of 1961, appropriation for effecting provisions 949 International Women's Year, 1975, National Commission on the Observance of, appropriation for 628 Internationaly Protected Persons, Act for the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against 1997 Interstate Commerce Act, amendments... 34-54, 60, 62-65, 125, 127, 146, 2628-2630 Interstate Commerce Commission: Appropriation for 626, 643, 658, 1182 Delmarva rail study 2631 Discontinuance and abandonment procedures 2628 National Transportation Policy Study Commission, liaison officer 449 Rail conglomerates, study 148 Rail service continuation assistance negotiations, cooperation 139 Rail Services Planning Office— Appropriation for 1182 Establishment as a permanent office 57 Rights-of-way conversion, consultation 144 Rail transportation aid, study, cooperation 148 Railroad conveyances waste disposal, recommendations 2630 Railroad rate bureaus, report 45 Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976 31 Recyclable or recycled materials, discriminatory freight rates investigation, report 40 Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, appropriation for 898 Interstate Compacts, Consent of Congress: Coastal zone planning compacts, consent to negotiate and enter 1028 New Hampshire-Vermont Interstate Sewage and Waste Disposal Facilities Compact 1221 Oil and gas conservation compact, extension and renewal 2365 Interstate Land Sales Registration, Office of, appropriation for 636, 650 Investigation, Office of, grain inspection and weighing 2874


Investment Company Act of 1940, amendments Investment Survey Act of 1976, International Iowa: Algona, airport property restrictions, release Des Moines River, flood control project, modification Iran, naval vessels, sale to, approval Irrigation, census Isle Royale National Park, Mich., boundary revision Isle Royale Wilderness, Mich., designation Israel: Abraham Lincoln statue, presentation by President of the United States Foreign military credit sales Schools, colleges, and cultural organizations, loans, amounts due on, waiver Security supporting assistance, appropriation for Israel Institute of Technology, loans, amounts due on, waiver Israel Program for Scientific Translations, loans, amounts due on, waiver Italy, relief and rehabilitation

57 2059 281 2923 1938 210 2694 2692

29 777 776 774 776 776 761

J. Allen Frear Building, Del., designation .• 2439 J. Edward Snyder, Jr. (Ret.), Rear Adm., assignment authority as Oceanographer of the Navy 933 J. N. "Ding" Darling Wilderness, Fla., designation 2633 James A. Haley, Honorable, presentation proceedings 3067 James E. Carter and Gerald R. Ford, Presidential debates, printing of copies 3067 James Madison Memorial Building: Appropriation for 203 Funds, additional authorization 194 James Smithson Bequest, U.S. appreciation to Queen Elizabeth II 798 Japan-United States Friendship Act, amendments 833 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site, Mo., development ceiling increase 2733 Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans' Hospital, Calif., designation 284 Jobs Programs Extension Act of 1976, Emergency 1476 Joe L. Evins Post Office and Federal Building, Tenn., designation 2436

NOTE: Part 1 conUdns pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.