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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976


A79 Page

President of the United States—ConPresident of the United States—Continued tinued Appointments by—Continued Appointments by, with advice and consent of the Senate—Continued Federal Laws, Commission on, National Museum Services Board, members 268 members 1975 Historic Preservation, Advisory Council, members 1320 Office of Inspector General (HEW), National Commission on UnemInspector General and Deputy ployment Compensation, Inspector General 2430 members 2681 Postal Rate Commission, CommisNational Transportation Policy sioners 1304 Study Commission, members.... 449 Rail Public Counsel, Office of. DiNorthern Mariana Islands, special rector 51 representatives 276, 279 Science and Technology Policy, Postal Service, Commission on. Office of, Director and AssoChairman, members 1307 ciate Directors 463 President's Committee on Science Small Business Administration, and Technology, members, Chief Counsel for Advocacy 668 Chairman, and Vice ChairToxic Substances of the Environman 468, 469 mental Protection Agency, AsAppointments by, with advice and sistant Administrator for 2048 consent of the Senate— United States Parole Commission, African Development Fund, Govermembers 220 nor and Alternate Governor 593 Veterans' Employment, Deputy Agriculture, Department of, addiAssistant Secretary of Labor tional Assistant Secretary 2643 for 2404 Alaska natural gas transportation Arms sales policies, study 735 system. Federal inspector of Drug Abuse Policy, Office of, recomconstruction 2908 mendations to 243 Bureau of Land Management, DiEconomic Advisers, Council of, aprector 2762 propriation for 631, 967 Coastal Zone Management, AssoElect and former, authorization of ciate Administrator for 1032 funds 2380 Commodity Credit Corporation, Energy and natural resources. FedBoard of Directors, additional members 2643 eral activities, reorganization Copyright Royalty Tribunal, complan 1141 missioners 2596 Executive Office— Drug Abuse Policy, Office of, DiAppropriation Act, 1977 966 rector and Deputy Director 242 Appropriation for 628, 631, 646, 966 Employment and Unemployment Central Intelligence Agency. See Statistics, National Commisseparate title. sion on, Chairman and memDomestic Council, appropriation bers 1484, 1485 for 632, 646, 967 Energy Information and Analysis, Drug Abuse Policy, Office of— Office of, Director 1135 Appropriation for 628 Federal Election Commission, Establishment 242 members 475 Economic Advisers, Council of— Government National Mortgage Appropriation for 631, 967 Association, President 1076 Employment and UnemployHuman Rights and Humanitarian ment Statistics, National Affairs, Coordinator for 750 Commission on, hearings, Institute of Museum Services, Diparticipation 1484 rector 1976 Environmental Quality, Council International Joint Commission, on. See separate title. United States and Canada, Federal Procurement Policy, Commissioner 827 Office of, appropriation for 968 National Council on the Arts, International Economic Policy, members 1971 Council on, appropriation for.... 967 National Council on Humanities, National Security Council, appromembers 1971 priation for 632, 646, 967 Non: Part 1 contains pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.