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90 STAT. xxvii
90 STAT. xxvii
PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976




94-448 94-449






94-455 94-456

94-457 94-458


xxvii Date

District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1977. AN ACT Making appropriations for the government of the District of Columbia and other activities chargeable in whole or in part against the revenues of said District for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1977, and for other purposes Public Works Employment Appropriations Act. AN ACT Making appropriations for public works employment for the period ending September 30, 1977, and for other purposes Armed Forces, retired pay. AN ACT To make the provisions of section 1331(e) of title 10, United States Code, retroactive to November 1, 1953 Department of Agriculture, training for families of officers and employees. AN ACT To authorize orientation and language training for families of certain officers and employees of the Department of Agriculture Gold Labeling Act of 1976. AN ACT To increase the protection of consumers by reducing permissible deviations in the manufacture of articles made in whole or in part of gold Elbow prostheses, duty suspension. AN ACT To suspend until July 1, 1978, the duty on certain elbow prostheses if imported for charitable therapeutic use, or for free distribution, by certain public or private nonprofit institutions Bank Holding Company Tax Act of 1976. AN ACT To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 with respect to the teix treatment of certain divestitures of assets by bank holding companies Political contributions, employment deprivation, prohibition. AN ACT To amend title 18 of the United States Code to prohibit deprivation of employment or other benefit for political contribution, and for other purposes United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, additional income. AN ACT To provide for additional income for the United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home by requiring the Board of commissioners of such home to collect a fee from the members of such home and by increasing deductions for the support of such home from the pay of enlisted men and warrant officers, and for other purposes Tax Reform Act of 1976. AN ACT To reform the tax laws of the United States Klukwan Village, Alaska, additional land. AN ACT To amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to provide for the withdrawal of lands for the village of Klukwan, Alaska, and for other purposes Naval vessels, sale approve. AN ACT To approval the sale of certain naval vessels, and for other purposes... National Park System, administration; authority clarification. AN ACT To amend the Act approved August 18, 1970, providing for improvement in the administration of the National Park System by the Secretary of the Interior and clarifying authorities applicable to the National Park System, and for other purposes Philip A. Hart Visitors' Center, Mich., designation. AN ACT To name the Visitors' Center at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore the "Philip A. Hart Visitors'Center"


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