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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976



Lacassine Wilderness, La., designation 2633 Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, Wash., acquisition ceiling increase 2732 Lake Ontario Protection Act of 1976.... 2939 Lake Woodruff Wilderness, Fla., designation 2633 Land and Water Conservation Fund: Expansion 1313 Recreational lands, utilization for purchases of 2772 Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965: Amendments 1313 Appropriation for effecting provisions 892, 1045 Transfer of funds, time extension 456 Land Management, Bureau of: Appropriation for 605, 636, 651, 1043 Budget authority, rescission of certain 287 Missouri River, Mont., wild and scenic river, management 2329 Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, Federal 2744 Land Sales Registration, Office of Interstate, appropriation for 636, 650 Lands, Public. See Public Lands. Laos: Assistance, prohibition of funds... 776, 1469 Combat activities, restriction on funds 175 Refugee assistance 691, 776, 1470 Law Day, U.S.A., 1976, proclamation 3081 Law Enforcement: Crime Control Act of 1976 2407 National Park System, certain Interior Department employees working within, authority 1941 Public lands, authority 2763 Water resources development projects, increased services, contracts 2924 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, National Institute of: Correctional facilities surverys 2417 Drug treatment programs, research and studies 2417 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration: Appropriation for 946 Community Anti-Crime Programs, Office of, establishment 2407 Deputy Administrator^ for Administration, compensation 2426 Public safety officers, death benefits 1346 State planning agencies, revision 2408 State plans, approval evaluation and review 2413, 2421

Law Enforcement Training Center, Federal, appropriation for 963 Lead and Zinc Study Group, International, U.S. membership authority 826 Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act: Amendments 705, 706 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1422 Lebanon: Housing reconstruction 761 Relief and rehabilitation 761, 762, 1466 Strife in, sense of Congress 760 Legal Services Corporation, appropriation for 623, 957 Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974, appropriation for effecting provisions 957 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1959, amendment 1445 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1968, amendments 1443 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1976: Amendment 1443 Repeal of certain provisions 618 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1977 1439 Legislative Branch of the Government. See also Congress; House of Representatives; Senate. Appropriation for 612, 1439 Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting provisions 1456 Leif Erikson Day, 1976, proclamation 3114 Leprosy, payments to Hawaii for care and treatment of afflicted persons 9, 1422 Libraries: See also Library of Congress. College library assistance, training and research 2089 National Agricultural Library, appropriation for 855 NationsJ Library of Medicine, appropriation for 12, 1424 Libraries and Information Science, National Commission on, appropriation for 23, 1435 Library of Congress: Aliens, employment 1457 American Television and Radio Archives, establishment 2601 Annex, designation as Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building 329 Appropriation for 618, 630, 645, 1455

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.