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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977


Commissions, Committees, Councils, Commerce, Department of—Continued Etc., Establishment: Economic Development AdministraAdministration, Office of. 1633 tion, appropriation for... 90,102,123,430 Agricultural Research and Extension Export Administration Act of 1969— Users Advisory Board, National 988 Amendments 235, 1629 Air Quality, National Commission Appropriation for effecting provion 785 sions 430 Air quality standards, scientific Export Administration Amendments review committee 691 of 1977 235 Animal Health Science Research Industrial energy conservation proAdvisory Board 1002 grams, transfer of functions to Coal or other mine safety research, Department of Energy 581 advisory committees on 1295, 1296 Marine mammal research grants and Coal Research, Advisory Council on 528 conservation programs, approEconomic Regulatory Administrapriation authorization 1167 tion 574 Maritime Administration. See sepaEnergy, Department of. 569 rate title. Energy Advisory Boards, Regional 602 Maritime Appropriation AuthorizaEnergy Conservation Subcommittee 200 tion Act for Fiscal Year 1978 1359 Energy Extension Service 192 Minority Business Enterprise, Office Energy Extension Service Advisory of, appropriation for 102 Board, National 199 National Advisory Committee on Energy Information Administration 572 Oceans and Atmosphere, proviEnergy Regulatory Commission, Fedsion of administrative assistance eral 571,572.582 to 266 Energy Research, Office of 577 National Bureau of Standards, coal or Environmental Cancer and Heart and other mine safety research advisoLung Disease, Task Force on 791 Food and Agricultural Sciences, Joint ry committee, member 1295 Council on 986 National Defense Reserve Fleet, Food and Renewable Resources, Subreplacement of obsolete vessels 1368 committee on 986 National Fire Prevention and Control Food Stamp Disaster Task Force 964 Administration— Information and Data Center on SurAppropriation for 102,432 face Coal Mining, Reclamation, Earthquake hazards reduction proand Surface Impacts of gram, participation in 1101 Underground Mining 450 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Inspector General, Office of the, Administration. See separate title. Department of Energy 575 Patent and Trademark Office— International Communication Appropriation for 102,432 Agency 1636 United Daughters of the ConfederLeasing Liaison Committee 577 acy, patent extension 1349 Mine Health and Safety Academy, Public works investment, study 119 National 1321 Public works projects, employment of Mine health and safety standards, disabled veterans, promulgation advisory committee for the review of regulations on 117 of 1317 Regional action planning commisMine Safety and Health Administrations, appropriation for 430 tion 1319 State commercial fisheries research Mine Safety and Health Review Comand development projects, mission, Federal 1313 appropriation authorization 249 Minimum Wage Study Commission 1246 United States and Canadian fishing, Mining and Mineral Research, Advisoreporting certain statistics, prory Committee on 455 mulgation of requirements 283 Mississippi-Louisiana Bridge Authorilinited States Travel Service, approty 175 priation for 431 Neighborhoods, National Commission Commerce Appropriation Act, 1978, on 56 Department of 429 Oceans and Atmosphere, National Commercial Fisheries Research and Advisory Committee on 265 Development Act of 1964, amendOzone and stratosphere, Federal ments 249 research and monitoring, coordiCommission. See other part of title. nating committee 727