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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977


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19 Me Young Lee Mid-Pacific Sea Harvesters, Inc B Mieir, Mark Charles and Bailey, Charles P 1661 Maria Begin, Menachem, Prime Minister of Misner, Jack R Israel 1693 Myung Sung Kwon Berry, Adelaida Rea 1660 P Boggs, Charles A 1652 Brown, Dr. Halla 1240 Park, Chin Ah Park, Chin Suk C Park, Eun Kyung Carr, Velzora 1649 Park, Sang Hyuk Carter, Weathersby, Godbold, J r 1656 R Chan, Dr. Lawrence C. B 1652 Chin-Ho An 1655 Rossi, Ermelinda


Anderson, Marian

1654 1657 Liane

F S Federal Life and Casualty Company, Sadat, Anwar el. President of Egypt Battle Creek, Mich 1649 Silotto, Joe Simms, Wayne G Smith, Vivian L George Washington University, D.C 1650 Soo Jin Lee Gruening, Senator Ernest 1684 Stockdale, Gordon H Harriss, Richard T., Ill Hart, Jane B Hee Kyung Yoo Hester, Camilla A Hillyer, Wayne I In Hea Kim

1656 Tri-State Motor Company, 79 Joplin, Mo 1648 Tully, Patricia R 1659 W 1652 Wolf, Lawrence D World Tract, Medicine Bow National 1655 Forest, Wyo 1657,

1653 1693 1652 1652 1652 1648 1652

1647 1659 1652 1660

Y 1656 Young Shin Joo

L Lee Young Soo

1654 1654 1647 1647

T Transit

K Kam Lin Cheung

1660 1463 1655

1654 Z

1653 Zalim, Tulsedei