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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

PUBLIC LAW 95-91—AUG. 4, 1977

91 STAT. 587


SEC. 407. (a) The Secretary, each officer of the Department, and each Federal agency shall provide to the Commission, upon request, such existing information in the possession of the Department or other Federal agency as the Commission determines is necessary to carry out its responsibilities under this Act. (b) The Secretary, in formulating the information to be requested in the reports or investigations under section 304 and section 311 of the Federal Power Act and section 10 and section 11 of the Natural Gas Act, shall include in such reports and investigations such specific information as requested by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and copies of all reports, information, results of investigations and data under said sections shall be furnished by the Secretary to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

42 USC 7177.

16 USC 825c, 825j. 15 USC 717i, 717j.


SEC. 501. (a)(1) Subject to the other requirements of this title, the 42 USC 7191. provisions of subchapter II of chapter 5 of title 5, United States Code, 5 USC 551. shall apply in accordance with its terms to any rule or regulation, or any order having the applicability and effect of a rule (as defined in section 551(4) of title 5, United States Code), issued pursuant to authority vested by law in, or transferred or delegated to, the Secretary, or required by this Act or any other Act to be carried out by any other officer, employee, or component of the Department, other than the Commission, including any such rule, regulation, or order of a State, or local government agency or officer thereof, issued pursuant to authority delegated by the Secretary in accordance with this title. If any provision of any Act, the functions of which are transferred, vested, or delegated pursuant to this Act, provides administrative procedure requirements in addition to the requirements provided in this title, such additional requirements shall also apply to actions under that provision. (2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), this title shall apply to the Commission to the same extent this title applies to the Secretary in the exercise of any of the Commission's functions under section 402 (c)(1) or which the Secretary has assigned under section 402(e). (b)(1) In addition to the requirements of subsection (a) of this Publication in section, notice of any proposed rule, regulation, or order described in. Federal Register. subsection (a) shall be given by publication of such proposed rule, regulation, or order in the Federal Register. Such publication shall he Statement. accompanied by a statement of the research, analysis, and other available information in support of, the need for, and the probable effect of, any such proposed rule, regulation, or order. Other effective means of publicity shall be utilized as may be reasonably calculated to notify concerned or affected persons of the nature and probable effect of any such proposed rule, regulation, or order. In each case, a minimum of Minimum thirty days following such publication shall be provided for an oppor- comment period. tunity to comment prior to promulgation of any such rule, regulation, or order. (2) Public notice of all rules, regulations, or orders described in Notice. subsection (a) which are promulgated by officers of a State or local government agency pursuant to a delegation under this Act shall be