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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

PUBLIC LAW 95-113—SEPT. 29, 1977

91 STAT. 937

acreage for the crop by the number of acres which the Secretary estimates will be harvested for such crop. "(9) The individual farm program acreage for each crop of upland cotton shall be determined by multiplying the allocation factor by the acreage of cotton planted for harvest on the farms for which individual farm program acreages are required to be determined: Provided, That the cotton acreage eligible for payment on a farm shall not be further reduced by application of the allocation factor if the producers reduce the acreage of cotton planted for harvest on the farm from the previous year by at least the percentage recommended by the Secretary in the announcement of the national program acreage made not later than December 15 of the calendar year preceding the year for which such acreage is established. The Secretary shall provide fair and equitable treatment for producers on farms on which the acreage of i cotton planted for harvest is less than for the preceding year, but the reduction is insufficient to exempt the farm from the application of the allocation factor. In establishing the allocation factor, the Secretary is authorized to make such adjustment as the Secretary deems necessary to take into account the extent of exemption of farms under the foregoing provisions of this paragraph. "(10) The farm program payment yield for each crop of upland Payment yields, cotton shall be determined on the basis of the actual yields per harvested acre on the farm for the preceding three years: Provided, That the actual yields shall be adjusted by the Secretary for abnormal yields in any year caused by drought, flood, or other natural disaster, or other condition beyond the control of the producers. In case farm yield data for one or more years are unavailable or there was no production, the Secretary shall provide for appraisals to be made on the basis of actual yields and program payment yields for similar farms in the area for which data are available. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, in the determination of yields, the Secretary shall take into account the actual yields proved by the producer, and neither such yields nor the farm program payment yield established on the basis of such yields shall be reduced under other provisions of this paragraph. If the Secretary determines it necessary, the Secretary may establish national. State, or county program payment yields on the basis of historical yields, as adjusted by the Secretary to correct for abnormal factors aifecting such yields in the historical period, or, if such data are not available, on the Secretary's estimate of actual yields for the crop year involved. In the event national. State, or county program payment yields are established, the farm program payment yields shall balance to the national, State, or county program payment yields. "(11)(A) The Secretary shall provide for a set-aside of cropland if Cropland setthe Secretary determines that the total supply of upland cotton will, aside. in the absence of such a set-aside, likely be excessive taking into account the need for an adequate carryover to maintain reasonable and stable supplies and prices and to meet a national emergency. If a setaside of cropland is in effect under this paragraph, then as a condition of eligibility for loans, purchases, and payments on upland cotton, the producers on a farm must set aside and devote to conservation uses an acreage of cropland equal to a specified percentage as determined by the Secretary (but not to exceed 28 per centum), of the acreage of upland cotton planted for harvest for the crop year for which a set-aside is in effect. The set-aside acreage shall be devoted to conser- Regulations. vation uses in accordance with regulations issued by the Secretary which will assure protection of such acreage from weeds and wind and water erosion; however, the Secretary may permit, subject to such