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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

PUBLIC LAW 96-157—DEC. 27, 1979

93 STAT. 1167

Public Law 96-157 96th Congress An Act To restructure the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, to assist State and local governments in improving the quality of their justice systems, and for other purposes.

^i, x ^ u [S. 241]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That this Act may be Justice System cited as the "Justice System Improvement Act of 1979". A^fo^mr* SEC. 2, Title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 42 USC 3701 1968 is amended to read as follows: note. "TITLE I—JUSTICE SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT "TABLE OF CONTENTS "Declaration and purpose. "PART A—LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSISTANCE ADMINISTRATION

"Sec. 101. Establishment of Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. "Sec. 102. Duties and functions of Administrator. "Sec. 103. Office of Community Anti-Crime Programs. "PART B—NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE

"Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec.

201. National Institute of Justice. 202. Establishment, duties, and functions. 203. Authority for lOO per centum grants. 204. National Institute of Justice Advisory Board. "PART C—BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS

"Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec.

301. Bureau of Justice Statistics. 302. Establishment, duties, and functions. 303. Authority for lOO per centum grants. 304. Bureau of Justice Statistics Advisory Board. 305. Use of data. "PART D—FORMULA GRANTS

"Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec.

401. Description of program. 402. Eligibility. 403. Applications. 404. Review of applications. 405. Allocation and distribution of funds. "PART E—NATIONAL PRIORITY GRANTS

"Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec. "Sec.

501. Purpose. 502. Percentage of appropriation for national priority grant program. 503. Procedure for designating national priority programs. 504. Application requirements. 505. Criteria for award. "PART F—DISCRETIONARY GRANTS

"Sec. 601. Purpose. "Sec. 602. Percentage of appropriation for discretionary grant program.