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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

PUBLIC LAW 96-70—SEPT. 27, 1979 Sec. 1216. Uniform application of standards and rates. 1217. Recruitment and retention remuneration. 1218. Benefits based on basic pay. 1219. Salary protection upon conversion of pay base. 1220. Review and adjustment of classifications, grades, and pay level. 1221. Panama Canal Board of Appeals; duties. 1222. Appeals to Board; procedure; finality of decisions. 1223. Administration by the President. 1224. Applicability of certain laws. 1225. Minimum level of pay; minimum annual increases. Subchapter III—Conditions of Employment and Placement 1231. Transferred or reemployed employees. 1232. Placement. Subchapter IV—Retirement 1241. Early retirement eligibility. 1242. Early retirement computation, 1243. Retirement under special treaty provisions. 1244. Obligation of Commission for unfunded liability. 1245. Cash relief to certain former employees. 1246. Appliances for employees injured before September 7, 1916. Subchapter V—Leave 1251. Leave for jury or witness service. Subchapter VI—Application to Related Personnel 1261. Law enforcement; Canal Zone Civilian Personnel Policy Coordinating Board; related employees. Subchapter VII—Labor-Management Relations 1271. Labor-management relations. CHAPTER 3—FUNDS AND ACCOUNTS

Subchapter I—Funds 1301. Canal Zone Government funds. 1302. Panama Canal Company funds; Commission funds. 1303. Emergency fund. Subchapter II—Accounting Policies and Audits 1311. Accounting policies. 1312. Reports. 1313. Audit by the Comptroller General of the United States. Subchapter HI-Interagency Accounts 1321. Interagency services; reimbursements. Subchapter IV—Postal Matters 1831. Postal service. Subchapter V—Accounts With the Republic of Panama 1341. Payments to the Republic of Panama. 1342. Transactions with the Republic of Panama. 1343. Disaster relief. 1844. Congressional restraints on property transfers and tax expenditures.

93 STAT. 453